Supreme Naruto ch 21

Chapter 21: Fear of Suicide bomb!
  Naruto, Hinata and Kakashi meet at the junction.
  Tazuna glanced at Naruto and muttered, “It’s still a little devil… and it’s like a dwarf…”
  Tazuna, the old man holding a bottle in his hand.
  It looks awkward.
  But in fact, wine is to cover up his inner fear.
  He is afraid that his secret will be revealed, that he released a C-level task which have A-level difficulty.
  Naruto stared at Tazuna’s eyes, because he uncomfortable voice became indifferent: “Who are you talking about dwarf?”
  Being stared at by these eyes, Tazuna’s heart burst.
  The eyes are full of ridicule and disdain.
  There is… a trace of hesitation.
  It’s like a person who knows his secret and is hesitating to tell the secret.
  Tazuna was nervous and comforted herself. He is just a little devil, looks like I am too nervous and thought more.
  Naruto is indeed hesitating.
  The mission of the country of waves involves a underground force headed by Gatoh.
  Because of the inconvenient traffic in the country of Waves, he monopolized the waterway transportation and madly increased the price of the ship to exploit the civilians of the country.
  Tazuna wants to build a bridge for connecting the outside world to the country of Waves, to avoid the exploitation of Gatoh.
  In a sense, Tazuna is a hero.
  Whether it is courage or thought, there is something extraordinary.
  But the key to the matter is… In the hands of Gatoh, there are two ninjas who are equal to Kakashi.
  The sound of the nine tails rang in the ear: “The little devil I feel the fear in your soul… I am curious what makes you feel scared who is a little madman who is used himself as bomb.”
  Naruto: “I certainly have fear because I am afraid of death.”
  Nine-tailed: “Oh? Isn’t that gimmick a mere C-level mission?”
  Naruto: “Just by my hunch… Kurma teacher, talk about it, if you encounter the danger that I can’t solve it, then lend me your help?”
  In the nine-tailed words, there is a mockery: “Okay, but this time is for me to assess. If you say that you also call me a teacher, I have teacher’s responsibility. If you want to rely on me, how do you grow up?” Right?”
  Sasuke: “Naruto, what you do with this sword? Will you use a sword?”
  For Naruto’s fight mode Sasuke has long been experienced.
  There is no rule at all, not like someone trained in order.
  So seeing Naruto carrying a sword can not help but be curious.
  Naruto is currently 1.5 meter height.
  The sword is one meter long, the hilt is 38.2 cm long, and the blade is 61.8 cm long.
  For Naruto, the hilt is a bit long…
  However, the store manager told him that the handle length is easier to grasp.
  As for the truth… the store manager will not tell him that because he accidentally refine it…
  Of course, the sword is single-edged.
  As for the scabbard on the blade, according to Naruto’s request, it is the camouflage color of the matt, which is good conducive to hiding.
  Naruto: “I didn’t use in past but now I am learning.”
  It’s not a waste of the sword in his hand…
  With Sasuke’s snoring, Naruto’s eyes were also diverted from Tazuna’s body.
  Tazuna pretended to have a sip of wine if nothing had happened.
  Kakashi: “Since everyone came, let’s go.”
  Is this going?
  It feels like I have to embark on a road of no return…
  Naruto took a deep breath and calmed down his feelings.
  If you don’t fight without confrontation, what should you do if you face a stronger guy?
  So… you can’t escape.
  There is no safe place in this world.
  You can’t pin your expectations on your own strength, but live stubbornly when you are weak.
  Ever since, with all kinds of moods, everyone has come out of Konaha.
  Today is a sunny day.
  Kakashi: “Don’t be too nervous, the C-level mission will not encounter the ninja and this mission will be distracted.”
  But no one cares about his word.
  Naruto: “Mr. Kakashi, do you have a detonator on your body?”
  Referring to the detonator, Kakashi’s brow jumped.
  That time, the use of the Naruto’s detonator make him remember.
  Kakashi: “What do you want to do, kid? I have said that you are forbidden to use the detonator!”
  Naruto: “Hey… just in case.”
  Kakashi: “No!”
  Will there be a few detonators on the body?
  Instead, Sasuke enthusiastically took out two.
  Naruto took it and felt comfortable.
  Kakashi: “Sasuke!”
  Sasuke: “I saw him feel uneasy and now he is a lot better.”
  Will someone calm down because of the detonator?
  Kakashi looked at Naruto and made him speechless. Naruto was really relieved.
  Kakashi: “Multiple shadow clone jutsu are forbidden. The main reason is not just because of the consumption of Chakra, but also the consumption of people. Another point is that after being hit by a heavy blow, it will bring pain to the body, so don’t look at his self-destructiveness…”
  The implication of the words does not encourage Naruto’s arrogance of death.
  This is the first time Sasuke and Hinata have heard about the disadvantages of that jutsu, they also worried about Naruto.
  Naruto shrugged: “Just less than half of the pain, how terrible it is to say.”
  Half of the pain, is it not painful to be blown into pieces?
  It will not be easy to think about it.
  Sasuke shook his head and Hinata was more worried about to say some words, but stops.
  Kakashi: “The other detonators must also have a special explosion-proof scroll or no chakra seal scroll, otherwise one accidentally was triggered by Chakra and carefully fried into slag. Of course, if you have the money to buy that exclusive detonator, the detonator with a higher safety factor and can be specifically detonated. However, because it is more powerful, it seems to be able to be equipped, and when it is bought outside, the price doubles. ……”
  Naruto: “Oh… it doesn’t matter, I have an explosion-proof scroll.”
  Say Naruto took a red scroll from his bag.
  Kakashi’s eyelid jumped: “How many detonators are there?”
  Naruto: “Ah? What are you talking about?”
  Then see Kakashi has the meaning of taking the scroll, Naruto directly gave up multiple shadow clone jutsu.
  Three Naruto stood together.
  That seems to be saying, guess which is the real body.
  Kakashi: “Forget it, pay attention to yourself…”
  The avatar is lifted.
  Kakashi instantly appeared behind Naruto, and took the scroll from Naruto.
  Naruto: “Fuck! You are cheating!”
  Kakashi: “As captain, I can’t watch you die.”
  Kakashi is about to take the scroll into his pocket. “Well?”
  This touch.
  Looking back at Naruto, the eyelids jumped and said: “You are a avatar?”
  Naruto: “Hey? What do you say? I really don’t understand…”
  Kakashi slammed down.
  At the same time, the scrolls that Kakashi grabbed in the hand disappeared.
  Everyone looks at nothing: “…”
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