Supreme Naruto ch 22

Chapter 22: First kill
  In the end, Naruto still handed over the scroll.
  The scroll unfolded, and twenty-seven detonators floated out, watching this face of Kakashi and Sasuke twiched a little.
  Just now they were still walking with this human bomb.
  Naruto: “You can’t take my detonator away, it’s all money! This is stealing money!”
  Kakashi accepted the detonator: “You still know that this is money, but it is not too bad to see that you are rich.”
  Twenty-seven detonators, twenty of them were purchased at the Ninja Store in their own places, five Konaha under the quota and two were promoted to bear the test.
  Naruto does not say that there are still twenty of them on the body which he buy from the quota of Hinata.
  There are two more Sasuke just gave.
  As for the two, are left in Kakashi’s test.
  Hinata is naturally aware of how many detonators are still on Naruto, so there has always been some restlessness.
  Naruto gave her a look that the secret could not be said.
  This scene Kakashi is looking to the distance and seeing it. Sasuke is watching the forehead and seeing sweat.
  He did not report, but apparently intends to be farther away from Naruto.
  After a section of the tree-lined path, the hot sun is still roasting in the sky, but there is a large pool of water on the road.
  The enemy is coming…
  If you don’t guess wrong, it is the two ninja of hidden mist village.
  His eyes glanced at Sasuke.
  Um… that guy’s eyes are good and he’s also paying attention to the water on the ground. Seeing Naruto’s two people looked at each other.
  Naruto nodded slightly.
  Hinata… seems to have no attention…
  Reminders can easily attract the attention of the enemy.
  At this time Kakashi walked to the end.
  The enemy must attack, the most correct way is to solve the strongest member first.
  In fact, they did exactly that.
  Everyone passed the water and left the five or six meters.
  Suddenly two figures rise from the water at the same time.
  One is on the next one.
  The following will throw the above.
  A chain is attached to the hands of two people, which is very long. The hand that links the chain is a kind of arm guard.
  Wrapped with five fingers, steel claws.
  The ninja that flew away fell in front of Kakashi, while the chain entangled Kakashi.
  The two forced and pulled and Kakashi’s body was shattered!
  Ninja sneered: “One is dead!”
  Everyone turned back, and the scene in front of him was completely stupid Tazuna: “It’s a ninja!”
  The most powerful person in the team is solved, then…
  Tazuna couldn’t think about it. Ninja had already rushed up to him again. The goal was Naruto.
  Tazuna: “Be careful!”
  Mist Ninja: “The second…on…”
  Both Ninja appear behind Naruto.
  A long chain is in the sky.
  As long as the two of them crossed the Naruto, they could show off the nirvana again after two rounds of crossover.
  Mist Ninja are laughing, but they can’t smile for a second.
  A Naruto instantly turns into two, and then kicks around.
  No, it’s just that Naruto found that the angle was so good.
  You are going to pick me up.
  The egg shattering sound came.
  He didn’t really hear it, but the men present witnessed the instant instincts of this scene.
  However, they were attacked but they did not directly fainted.
  But their eyes become more fierce.
  The two Naruto leaped and vacated their feet, pushing each other’s palms and borrowing the reaction of each other.
  Chain kicking! pain!
  Did Naruto kick a few feet?
  Filled with four feet at the back,
   Before a foot.
   This is a total of five feet.
  This is not broken, but it is awkward.
  The two are soft.
  In the end, it was still on the streets.
  A shadow split, even kicked to solve the two Genin-level ninja.
  Even Naruto himself did not expect.
  The bitterness is not in the throat of the ghost brother, Naruto: “Hey, are you too weak?”
  A ninja struggled for a moment, kunai inserted directly into his own throat… dead…
  Another Naruto saw a swearing outrage: “You killed one?”
  Naruto: “He struggled and killed.”
  Ok, it’s a silly thing to talk about it.
  After all, it just fulfilled an instruction, but it was shocking that the next moment, the Naruto’s hand was inserted into the throat of the ninja: “I’ve also killed it…”
  The scene in front of me cannot be explained by common sense.
  Kakashi reappeared and looked at the scene in front of him without words.
  Everyone saw Kakashi sighed with relief.
  Looking back at the place where Kakashi died, there was only one piece of wood that was shattered.
  It is undoubtedly a substitute.
  Kakashi looked at two Naruto: “Is both avatars?”
  The two Naruto turned their heads and waited for an answer. The sound of “swishhh!” disappeared.
  A man who is nausea is coming out of the woods.
  Naruto: “Sorry… my avatar is a bit…”
  Naruto shut up because he was vomiting.
  The rubbing feeling of the meat after kunai enter on throat and the bloody dripping into the throat made him feel like he was thrown into a pile of rotten fish intestines, and his heart was filled with nausea.
  Kakashi: “This is another flaw in the shadow split, when killing, they can’t feel anything. When you use it later, pay attention to it. Don’t kill someone important by mistake.”
  Naruto walked in the front of the two ninja, and it turned out that the throat artery was cut off and people couldn’t move the body in an instant, so it’s all fake in the past.
  This is the first killing in this world?
  And its a double kill?
  Naruto stepped forward and pulled the faces of two people to the ground.
  He really didn’t want to see the two people watching their slowly dying eyes.
  It’s like every time he makes a fish, he will subconsciously block the eyes of the fish.
  Nine-tailed: “Hey? How do you bring in the two guys?”
  Naruto: “What do you say?”
  The next moment, the picture in front of Naruto turned into a huge cage of nine tails.
  But peace is often different, there are two more people here.
  Naruto: “These two…not…I just killed?”
  This kind of scene, let Naruto think of the scene when he first came in.
  At that time, lying underneath was Naruto.
  Then if you touch them yourself… what happens?
  Will these two people be swallowed by their own souls like Naruto?
  Then get… the nature of the water attribute?
  and then? Will the soul increase or decrease?
  If it is increased, it’s okay… If it’s reduced… then the amount of chakra will decrease with it…
  Naruto: “Kurma teacher… You said… How do I choose?”
  Knowing the situation of Naruto, Nine-tailed naturally knows what Naruto is hesitating. “First devour and try it, just take this opportunity to confirm our original guess.”
  Naruto slightly hesitated and raised his hand to one of them.
  Some things never know if you don’t try.
  Naruto: “The ninjutsu on the forbidden scroll is also backed up, even if you lose some mental strength.”
  Speaking and pressing on one of the faces of one of them.
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