Supreme Naruto ch 23

Chapter 23: Devouring Ability
  This time, even if it is not the nine tails, Naruto himself feels that the soul power is reduced.
  That feeling is like a sudden sleepy.
  The mind started to be a little dull.
  Nine-tailed: “Put your hand on my chakra again.”
  Naruto presses his hand on the chakra of Kurma.
  The general burning sensation of the fire spurred Naruto feeling that his consciousness was clear.
  Naruto: “How? What has changed?”
  Nine-tailed: “It’s interesting, your soul blends with the water attribute, but the soul power consumption is only one-tenth of the blended yang attribute.”
  “Naruto, you try to devour the soul of another person, I have an interesting guess.”
  Want to swallow it again?
  The lack of one-tenth of the soul force, under the effect of the short barrel, is the lack of one-tenth of Chakra.
  After hesitating for a moment, Naruto pressed his hand on the head of another person.
  This time, the consciousness was not blurred, but it became more and more clear.
  Soul power is increasing!
  Nine tails: “How do you feel?”
  Naruto: “Feeling… it seems that the lost soul is back.”
  Nine-tailed: “It seems like this, when you fuse with the no attributes soul your soul will increase.”
  “And once the devours are already merged, the soul will increase.”
  If so, as long as the soul force allows, can he not integrate all the attributes?
  This ability… unexpectedly a bit against the sky.
  Naruto: “Is there any adverse reaction to this kind of thing?”
  Nine tails: “Adverse reactions… um…”
  “As long as your soul strength does not exceed the flesh, there should be no problem.”
  Naruto: “If the soul is stronger than the flesh… how?”
  Nine tails: “There will be too much load on the body…it starts consuming your vitality then after some time you are dead…”
  The communication of the soul world seems to be very long, but the real world is only a moment.
  In the eyes of everyone, Naruto just bowed his head and put the faces of two people facing the earth, and then stood up.
  Naruto: “Is it hard to feel murderous, no one will comfort me?”
  Naruto looks around.
  Only Hinata came over to help the Naruto wipe the blood off his hand.
  The surprising Naruto found that he was a little quick to adapt. He still saw the corpse and was sick now.
  he can’t help but ask at the bottom of his heart: “There is no other adverse effect? ??How do I feel that now I can kill individuals as easily as drinking water? The two guys merged into my body and did not distort my character?”
  Nine tails: “Is it a weakness to get used to killing? I have been used to it?”
  Ok, discuss this kind of thing with a demon fox. He is mentally retarded.
  Hinata: “Naruto Kun, your face seems to be just a little pale.”
  Naruto: “What are you doing to kill someone by my side…”
  Is it really good to talk about love in front of two bloody bodies?
  Tazuan looked at Naruto, the little guy with the golden hair, couldn’t help but feel a little fear.
  Kakashi: “Mr. Tuzuan, I think we should talk.”
  Kakashi’s words shifted the attention of everyone.
  Kakashi: “If the guess is good… these two Ninja of hidden mist village came to kill you?”
  “The task of having a ninja intervention is no longer a C-level task, at least a B-level task.”
  Tuzuan lowered his head.
  Kakashi: “Maybe you have your own difficulties, maybe you can’t get the money to release a B-level task, maybe other…but those are not related to us, you do it… it will make it difficult for us to do.”
  Everyone looks at Tazuna.
  Tazuna: “…”
  Then Kakashi no longer took Tazuna and turned to look at his team.
  Kakashi: “Everyone you just did a good job.”
  Kakashi: “Sasuke and Naruto should have found the enemy trap?”
  Sasuke: “There is such a pool of water on such a large sun. It is not difficult to find it.”
  Yes, today, there is sunny days around the leaves, but there is a lot of water on the road.
  Kakashi nodded. “Naruto performed is very good. If I guessed it correctly, Naruto should use the avatar to replace the body with the one hidden in the wood when I use the avatar.” ”
  “Then the body returned to the back of the tree in the back of Hinata, secretly protecting Hinata that have not yet entered the fighting state.”
  “You can do a good job of protecting your teammates, but you should give priority to protecting our clients while the mission is going on.”
  “Well… it shouldn’t be a client now…”
  Kakashi’s gaze turned to Hinata: “Your observation needs to be improved.”
  Hinata bowed her head: “I am very sorry, I am dragging everyones legs.”
  Kakashi: “Well… after all, it is the first time that the enemy is a ninja. If you pay more attention in the future, there will be improvement.”
  Seeing Kakashi, everyone has to leave, Tazuna finally spoke.
  “That teacher!”
  “I… I want to tell you something.”
  Tazuna: “Related to the task…”
  “I know, this may be a bit reluctant for you…”
  “In fact, there is a very scary guy, wants my life…”
  Kakashi turned his head back: “A terrible guy? Who is he?”
  Tazuna: “You may have heard of this person… He is the boss of the shipping company, Gatoh…”
  Kakashi: “Ah? Gatoh? Isn’t that the Shipping company? He is one of the world’s best monopoly in wave country!”
  Tazuna: “It’s him! He is the boss of the shipping company. In fact, he is privately in a collusion between the mafia and the ninja to smuggle drugs and weapons products… to occupy other companies and even the country… evil guys!”
  “About a year ago, the guy stared at the country of the wave and with financial and violent means he quickly controlled all the traffic at sea!”
  “For island countries, controlling traffic means controlling all wealth…”
  “The only thing that can threaten Gatoh is the bridge under construction…”
  Sasuke: “That said… The two ninjas I have just met are from Gatoh?”
  Kakashi: “Why didn’t you say that when you commissioned?”
  Tazuna: “…The country of wave is a very small and small country…I don’t have much money…”
  “I don’t even have to say it… If I declare a high-level B-level mission…”
  “In short, you don’t have to protect me… I know, I am going to die anyway!”
  Kakashi: “But…”
  Tazuna: “This is nothing, you don’t have to worry about it!”
  “I am dead and only my lovely grandson who is just ten years old will cry for me.”
  “And my daughter will curse for the rest of her life with the resentment to the Konaha village.”
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