Supreme Naruto ch 24

Chapter 24: Big Sword
  Tuzuna said that the more pitiful, the tears will be in sight, and he sit on the ground.
  “Oh… of course, this is not your fault.”
  “Let me have no money… oh… I should be killed by the ninja…”
  Kakashi: “It’s good… there is no way, then we will continue to protect you.”
  Naruto: “Is this a rogue old man?”
  Sasuke: “…”
  Hinata: “…”
  Kakashi: “This time, it’s good to sharpen some of my students.”
  Take this level of mission to sharpen your student, are you not mad…
  Naruto looked up at the sky, helpless…
  Kakashi: “There was always some changes in the end and then you have to endure, everyone lets start!”
  Through the forest, everything has been in peace.
  Naruto’s heart is also calculating how to minimize the danger.
  Talking about?
  No overwhelming strength to talk about!
  Near the sea, the fog gradually grew bigger.
  Tuzuna whispered: “The transnational sea, we will reach our destination.”
  Heavy fog…
  Are you going to encounter it again?
  Then, will he not attack directly at sea?
  Um…there was no development in the original world. This shows that because of the fog, he don’t know what’s going on here.
  If you know it, it is obviously a surprise attack at sea, and it is easier to solve the goal.
  Tuzuna: “Come with me. I know a good guy and let him send us across the sea.”
  Naruto: “Hinata, Use Byakugan to observe the fog.”
  Hinata opened her Byakugan.
  Scanning for a while: “There is nothing on the sea.”
  Kakashi: “The large fishing boats in the foggy days generally do not travel. What are you worried about?
  Naruto: “Well… I feel that something bad will happen.”
  Kakashi: “Reassured, although the vigilance is very good, but too nervous is easy to influence judgment.”
  Naruto: “Well, I will all rely on Kakashi’s teacher at the time and I will be all right Kakashi sensei if you give me my detonator, so I can feel safe.”
  Kakashi: “…”
  Kakashi: “Then we will feel very unsafe.”
  Next, Sasuke nodded and agreed.
  The four men found the home of his old friend of Tuzuna.
  “Tuzuna? Are you still alive?”
  Tuzuna: “…Is it nice to live when everyone think you die?”
  The man is quite young, much smaller than Tuzuna. “This is not. I heard that the person of Gatoh has been looking for you. It is a miracle that you can survive under his hand, but since you are still alive. What are you doing back here? Hey? These people behind you… are the ninjas? Which ninja will help this poor ghost?”
  Kakashi Squad: “…”
  If you know in advance, no ninja will come to fight in this dirty water.
  Tuzuna: “Of course I have to come back or else who will build this bridge?”
  The young man shook his head: “Gotah won’t let you build this bridge smoothly…”
  But in the end, Tuzuna still convinced young man by usinf the feelings of many years ago.
  What kind of human nature is, I don’t know.
  On the boat, the young man muttered: “Thank you for the fog today. If it is not fog, I will never give you a ride.”
  This boat is a speedboat.
  The kind of burning oil, but the youth did not mean to open the motor.
  Instead, with a pair of woods, slowly rowing the boat.
  The country of the wave is not far away, so the sea is not too wide, even if it is a hand stroke, it does not take too long.
  In the fog, the outline of a bridge is revealed.
  The bridge has been half-built, and Tuzuna has been staring at the bridge after seeing the bridge, as if he had to repair the bridge with a pair of eyes.
  The people finally got on the shore, and the young people hurriedly greeted them, and he did not turn on the motor. He disappeared into the fog in the blink of an eye.
  There is no difference between that and avoiding God.
  Tuzuna: “Let’s go, it’s not far from home after going to the shore.”
  “and many more!”
  “Hinata, look at it again.”
  Naruto stood in the same place and prevented everyone from moving forward.
  Hinata opened her eyes and looked forward.
  There is a man on the trunk!
  Hinata: “There is an ambush!”
  Kakashi looked at it.
  At the same time, the huge sword suddenly swept.
  Kakashi: “be careful!”
  Naruto stared at the sword: “This is the time!”
  Multiple shadow clone jutsu.
  Ten Naruto greeted the sword and rushed to the past.
  “Hey! Hey! Hey… Hey!”
  The six avatars were smashed by the big sword and the Naruto did not evade. The hard-boiled block was on it. After the seventh explosion, the last three finally stopped the big knife and held it in his hand.
  Naruto: “Since you have a hobby of throwing a sword, be careful that sometimes throwing it out may not be able to collect it back.”
  Zabuza: “My knife is not so easy to take away!”
  Zabuza rushed towards Naruto, the speed is extremely fast, but sword disappears, there is another Naruto in its place.
  Sword was replaced by the substitute.
  Zabuza: “Little devil!”
  Kakashi eye mask has been uncovered: “Do you ignore my existence!”
  “Swishhh! Swishhh! Swishhhh! Swishhhh!”
  The four Naruto were swept away by his hand but they were all just avatars.
  Then Kakashi came to fight again.
  After a turnaround, the two opened the distance again.
  Zabuza: “Copy Ninja Kakashi?”
  He glanced at everyone: “There are still little girl of Hyuga Clan… No wonder the both previous sent ninja failed…”
  The final sight fell on the face of a yellow-haired boy: “Little devil, you are very good.”
  Naruto: “Thanks for compliments.”
  No longer blink of an eye, Tuzuna, who was protected by three little guys in the middle, said to Kakashi: “My task is to kill this person, give him to me and I can let you leave?”
  Kakashi: “Set the formation, protect Tazuna! This person is solved by me, no one can make a shot. This time is first test of the whole team.”
  Zabuza: “The negotiation failed? Ok, then I will kill you first.”
  Zabuza: “Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu!”
  It is like a breeze blowing and then his body disappeared and at the same time the fog is even bigger.
  Kakashi: “Everyone can’t relax their vigilance! The other is a ninja who were chased by the troops hidden mist village, also known for silent killer. If you take it lightly, you can die at any time!”
  “eight places…”
  The unspeakable voice came from all directions: “Throat… Spine… Lung… Liver…”
  “Carotid artery… and subclavian meridians…”
  “I want to ask, where do you want me to attack? Hehe…”
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