Supreme Naruto ch 25

Chapter 25: Haku
  The dry sneer is erratic in the air, and people feel that the scalp is numb…
  The fog is even bigger, the line of sight is less than five meters and there is a piece of whiteness around it, which can’t be seen except for the fog.
  Even Kakashi’s figure has become blurred.
  Fear swallows the hearts of everyone.
  The danger of being undetectable is the most fearful.
  Sasuke is nervous, he is afraid that he will lose his life if he is not careful. This feeling…
  It reminded him of his memories, when the moon in the sky was blood red.
  Blood is scattered everywhere, and the whole street is filled with body parts of the most familiar people of your life.
  And his brother walked all the way, taking away one life.
  Even including his parents.
  Helpless, fearful, unwilling, the breath of death suddenly came, he felt that he was about to be driven crazy.
  Kakashi: “Sasuke!”
  Kakashi stepped back to the crowd and his figure was clear in the fog.
  Kakashi: “Don’t worry, I will protect you with my life.”
  “I will never let him kill my companion!”
  The horrible sound came suddenly in my ear: “Is it? I don’t think so…”
  The crowd was shocked, and the ghosts suddenly appeared behind the three, appearing in front of the guarded Tuzuna.
  Without the big sword, the Kunai in his hand has already crossed the neck of Tuzuna.
  This change is coming to an extreme, even Naruto is too late to prepare.
  The gap in strength is undoubted.
  How to do?
  Only Kakashi can now rely on it.
  he did not disappoint everyone, Kakashi appeared behind the unconcerned, while holding back the hands of the unscrupulous, while the pain of the other hand has penetrated into the body.
  A drop of water flows out of the pierced body.
  The battle between the two men will hit the body of Naruto.
  Water clone!
  Hinata: “Be careful!”
  “Oh!” The water that was no longer smashed was smashed by Kakashi. At the same time, water clone behind him waved the big sword to Kakashi.
  How did the Sword return to the hands of Zabuza!
  Shouldn’t the Sword be thrown into the sea?
  Is it just a matter of concentrating on the potential nautical mile?
  Naruto squinted and the speed of the two was too fast, and it was so fast that even though he saw the body, he couldn’t even make a response.
  and many more! It is not the most critical moment! The most dangerous moment is when Kakashi jumps into the sea!
  Before that, what to do!
  In front of him, Sword cut off Kakashi from his waist. Kakashi turned into a pool of water.
  This is the technique of water clone jutsu!
  At the same time, Kakashi appeared behind him, and put kunai in his neck.
  Zabuza: “You… at that time, copied my jutsu?”
  “When you say that you will never let your companion die in front of you, at that time you copied my technique and then you really hide in the fog to observe, copying ninja Kakashi is not just a name…”
  “But… don’t underestimate me!”
  On the ground, the shadow of the big sword swept past and Kakashi’s hands no longer turned into a pool of water.
  Then the real body… behind you!
  Kakashi did not escape the broadsword and the big sword turned to the ground, and then he turned back and kicked Kakashi.
  Kakashi was kicked and fell into the water.
  Once again, he will disappear again, and when it appears again, it will fall on the surface of the sea.
  Zabuza: “Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!”
  The water polo rises and Kakashi, who is in the water, is sealed in the water prison.
  Zabuza: “You are absolutely impossible to break free from the Water Prison Jutsu. Let me kill your students before you… Then we will continue to fight.”
  This is the moment!
  The three avatars that Naruto hid under the water rushed out of the water and hugged it again.
  The detonator was detonated and the Water Prison Jutsu was forced to remove.
  There was water as the buffer Kakashi did not suffer too much, but the head was still shocked.
  Kakashi: “This bastard is really a devil…”
  “But… he really saved me…”
  It is impossible to solve it with a self-detonation.
  However, taking advantage of the moment that triggered the detonator, Naruto’s successful take sword away.
  Seeing blood on the body, he is full of anger, “Little devil! I want to kill you!”
  Touching behind him, he want to smash Naruto with his sword.
  However, the Sword has been replaced by the substitute, and it is impossible to touch an empty one.
  Kakashi: “Your opponent is me!”
  Once again, I lost my sword and I was completely irritated.
  With the seal on hand, he intends to use the most powerful jutsu, and solve all these guys at once.
  At the same time, Kakashi did the same thing with him.
  He is not surprised at all: my action are actually being copied this guy… it’s not bad…
  Kakashi: “Learning.”
  Zabuza: How does he know what I am going to say! His eyes…
  Kakashi: “It’s really arrogant, isn’t it?”
  Zabuza: “Hey! Say what you are seeing!”
  Kakashi is no longer in sync with: “I will not lose to you, you clown!”
  Zabuza speeding up the printing: “You can’t copy from me again!”
  But suddenly, he don’t want to see himself in Kakashi’s body.
  Is this illusion?
  Kakashi: “Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu!”
  Isn’t that what I want to use?
  He felt horrified, the body was rushed to the trunk directly by the raging water dragon and several times of hardships came to nail him to the tree.
  Kakashi: “It’s over.”
  Zabuza: “Why is this! Can you predict the future?”
  Kakashi: “Yes… you are going to die!”
  There are two nails flying from forest and nailed to the throat: “Yes, he is indeed dead.”
  Everyone was shocked and looked for the sound.
  A masked person appeared in front of everyone.
  Haku, debut!
  Naruto stared at Haku.
  Haku: “The sword in your hand belongs to the Mist village. Can you return it?”
  Kakashi came to the side of Zabuza and explored the pulse that were no longer.
  Really dead…
  Haku with white mask of the dark part of the hidden Mist village also fell from the tree.
  “Thank you so much, I am always looking for opportunities to kill him.”
  Kakashi: “The mask… are you the people who chase the troops of Hidden Mist?”
  Haku: “Great, even this is known by you.”
  Then he turned to look at Naruto: “So… are you willing to return the Sword? I need to bring his body and sword back together.”
  Naruto: “Yes… but is he really dead? After all, he is such a powerful enemy…”
  Haku: “I believe your teacher has checked it…”
  Kakashi: “Well… He is indeed dead.”
  Naruto walked down in the front and then leaned down and touched it. He could not feel the heartbeat.
  That means of medical ninja is really amazing.
  Nine-tailed: “Hey? Why didn’t this person’s soul appear?”
  The last time Naruto touched the ninja, the soul of the ghost brother was pulled into the body.
  This time, when Naruto touched the undead body, Kurma is waiting for the soul of that person to come in, but did not wait.
  Naruto replied: “That’s because this person is not dead…”
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