Supreme Naruto ch 26

Chapter 26 Let it blast!
  Nine-tailed: “Didn’t die? The pulse doesn’t beat… It’s in a state of suspended animation… That’s it… the little guy is here to save him?”
  Naruto: “Yeah… Kurma teacher, you said that I should kill this guy here.”
  Nine-tailed: “There is nothing to hesitate about this kind of thing.”
  However, Naruto really didn’t do that. Instead, he got up and threw the Sword. “This Sword is yours, so I will give it back to you.”
  Nine tail surprised.
  It don’t quite understand the purpose of Naruto doing this.
  Haku raised his hand and took it: “Thank you.”
  “Then, I left the body of this guy. After all, there are too many secrets on the body of this guy.”
  Haku will re-hang the sword behind the unconcerned, then pick up the body and disappear.
  Naruto: “Kakashi teacher, it is no more than just a fake death.”
  suspended animation!
  Kakashi’s eyes widened, if it’s a fake death!
  Kakashi: “Not good!”
  Kakashi intends to chase forward, but Chakra has been exhausted because of excessive use of Sharingan.
  His body can’t gather the strength to chase.
  Naruto’s heart is struggling.
  Let go, let them stay.
  If you let go this time, Haku will definitely attack them again.
  Reason tells him that it is not a time of kindness.
  The kindness to the enemy is cruel to oneself.
  Moreover, only the strong have the right to be kind, and now you are not worthy.
  There is a decision in his heart, Naruto has one-handedly printed: “Burst!”
  There was a loud noise from a hundred meters away!
  Detonator, and still the power of a large number of detonators to explode together!
  Naruto: “Hinata, you lock the enemy position and the battle is not over.”
  Although Hinata did not know what happened, she still subconsciously listened to Naruto’s instructions and opened her eyes.
  Nine-tail: “Detonator? When did you do it, how could I not even find it?”
  Naruto: “I let the avatar do it, so you don’t know.”
  Nine tails: “Not bad… then…you hid the detonator on the knife?”
  Naruto: “Well… hidden in the tape of the handle.”
  Hinata: “The enemy is still moving, wait! She is not dead! But it looks like she was injured and lost one arm.”
  Naruto: “What about another person?”
  Hinata: “The other seems to be not injured.”
  Not injured? So close distance is impossible without injury?
  Naruto: “Tell me the location.”
  Naruto walked past Kakashi and had a scroll in his hand.
  That was Kakashi confiscated, with twenty-seven scrolls of detonators.
  The scroll unfolds and twenty-seven detonators float.
  “Multiple shadow clone jutsu.”
  Twenty-seven avatars, one person holding a detonator in midair, and then rushed out to the position of the Hinata pointed.
  Hinata wants to chase.
  Naruto: “You and Sasuke are here to take care of Kakashi sensei.”
  In the words, Naruto chased up with the avatar.
  At that moment, Kakashi seemed to see the back of the 4th Hokage in the shadow of Naruto.
  He actually forgot to stop Naruto.
  Entering in the forest, Naruto quickly arrived at the location of the explosion.
  A deep pit with a diameter of 20 meters, the surrounding trees fall around the explosion point.
  Naruto is hard to imagine how Haku escaped under this explosion.
  This is the effect that he spent twenty detonators.
  Naruto: “Kurma teacher, can you feel where the enemy is?”
  Nine-tailed: “It’s right behind you.”
  Chakra is concentrated at the foot,
  Quickly deflected to the side and ejected.
   At the same time, a cone of ice penetrated into the original position of Naruto.
  The white figure appeared on a tree, overlooking Naruto: “Escaped, so, you are the real person.”
  Naruto stared at Haku on the tree.
  Some time he regretted catching up.
  He thought it would be difficult to deal with it, but he didn’t expect her to find the real one so quickly.
  Naruto: “Multiple Shadow clone jutsu.”
  Naruto once again divided into ten avatars.
  Naruto: “Now can you tell which one is my real body?”
  Haku: “Interesting, your Chakra is much more than I think, but it will only make you die faster.”
  Haku raised his hand and dozens of ice cones flew toward Naruto.
  “Hey! Hey!”
  Two of the avatars did not escape the attack and were broken.
  On the other side, he appear behind Naruto, holding the Naruto’s neck and mentioning: “The little devil, You are the one who put detonator on my sword?”
  His right hand was blown up and this unprecedented defeat made him want to eat the people.
  However, at this time, Naruto’s head suddenly came a 180-degree twist, staring at it and not scaring: “Boom!”
  Can make the head to do one hundred and eighty degrees of twisting, this Naruto is undoubtedly an avatar.
  It’s really scary to see it again.
  Let go, quickly retreat.
  But the Naruto in front of him didn’t explode…
  He don’t know if he is being played: “You…”
  He don’t want to grab Naruto’s again and decide to smash it.
  Naruto’s avatars are not holding back.
  Then “bang!”
  This time, I will not be blown up.
  For a time, I only felt black in my eyes and my ears were constantly changing.
  The nearby Naruto rushed to see the fallen on the ground, and then I rushed to him and hugged it!
  This repeated three bursts of explosions until the head that was no longer smashed.
  This is the command of Naruto: “Catch the enemy, blew!”
  Naruto’s body can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, so the enemy is only Haku.
  It can be solved in such a simple way, and it is already a strong end.
  Self-explosive avatars gathered.
  At this point, there are still twenty-four violent avatars…
  Haku: “I found you again.”
  Haku voice appeared behind him.
  The Naruto avatar opposite the tree and Naruto swap.
  Then blew it!
  Looking back, an ice wall blocked the Haku’s body and blocked the explosion.
  Naruto: “It’s amazing, I want to know how you found my body.”
  The ice wall dissipated.
  Haku: “Guess.”
  Naruto: “Multiple Shadow clone jutsu!”
  Naruto is divided into ten again.
  Haku: “Do you have other skills?”
  Naruto: “I’m sorry, I only have this one.”
  “You guess, which one is me.”
  “Right, tell you a bad news, no more dead.”
  Haku appeared in front of the avatar who said that he was no longer dead. He held a cone of ice in his hand and stabbed it in. “I will send you to die.”
  The pierced Naruto smiled: “I’m sorry, you guessed it wrong.”
  Naruto’s body trembled at the moment of volition, and could not help but shake.
  Haku voice appeared behind Naruto: “I just know which one is your body.”
  Haku: “Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals!”
  Every side, the ice mirror rises and he was surrounded by them.
  Haku: “You can’t escape now.”
  “And it’s a pity to tell you, Zabuza sama is not dead.”
  “And you… are going to dye.”
  Haku body took a step back and merged with the ice mirror.
  At the same time, every mirror that trapped Naruto appeared Haku.
  He saw Naruto from all directions.
  But… the more headache for Naruto is…outside.
  Twenty-two silly avatars ran over, and then they hugged on an ice mirror.
  … self-destruction!
  What Naruto can do is only pray that the ice mirror is strong enough.
  There is also the pain that can survive the twenty-two avatars together.
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