Supreme Naruto ch 27

Chapter 27: Nine tails
  Twenty-two self-destructive avatars simultaneously blew themselves.
  The ice mirror is holding on…
  But Naruto fell.
  He has been pushing hard, but the huge pain makes him lose control of the body and the whole person is directly soft on the ground.
  The skin is red and swollen, the blood is full, and it seems to be a blood person on the ground.
  Naruto also thought about lifting the avatar, but the timing of the twenty-two avatars triggering the detonator was not synchronized. If it was directly released, it might be wasted a lot of detonators, so Naruto chose to be stiff.
  A slit was cracked on the ice mirror, and an ice piece fell off from it and fell to the ground.
  The power generated by the twenty-two detonators actually only blows up a large piece of fist!
  This super defense is completely beyond Naruto’s expectations.
  Haku body emerged from the ice mirror, and the mask shattered in the sound waves of the explosion. At the moment of walking out of the ice mirror, it fell off, revealing the white but tender but fresh and refined face.
  Haku: “It’s a crazy opponent…”
  “But it’s a good solution.”
  Haku walked to the Naruto’s body and looked at the Naruto who seemed to be fished out of the oil pan: “I will remember you.”
  A hand raised with kunai and try to stabbed to the heart of Naruto.
  At this time, Naruto’s line of sight was blurred but in the vagueness, he saw something thrown over.
  Can’t die! Move it!
  Naruto struggled with exhaustion, exhausted the power of his legs, and let the body squat up a distance. Haku attack was stabbed and stabbed on the stomach.
  Haku: “Oh? Have you not given up yet?”
  “It’s a good will, but unfortunately you hurt, you want to the enemy of Zabuza. Otherwise, I will have spare your life.”
  Haku once again pulled out a kunai.
  Haku: “Give up, this time I won’t miss it.”
  “But don’t worry, you won’t feel the pain. I will inject the ice attribute Chakra. When it penetrates into your body, your body will freeze into ice sculptures and be relieved.”
  Naruto: “Kurma!”
  Nine tails: “Ah… I know.”
  In the space of the nine-tailed seal, a beast composed of Chakra was caught and photographed on Naruto.
  For a moment, Naruto felt like he was drenched with a pot of boiling oil.
  Kunai were thrown out, Haku turned around and no longer went to see Naruto.
  But at the moment he turned around, the warning was sudden came from his senses.
  Although he don’t know what happened, but the consciousness of Haku is accelerated, the body merges into the ice mirror.
  “Hey boom! Oops! Oops! Oops! Oops!”
  The ice attribute Chakra broke out, the earth was frozen, and the sharp ice crystals bloomed on the ground with a beautiful ice flower.
  Did not hit! How can it be!
  That guy actually escaped!
  Among the cake houses made up of dozens of ice mirrors, Haku has absolute vision.
  He saw Naruto, Naruto on the top him appear a red monster chakra
   It attack and it has been seen that the other party suddenly jumped to avoid the attack.
  Haku: “You still don’t want to die? But you can’t hold on much longer in my hands!”
  The feeling that the other person gave him made the Haku heart feel a little fear.
  So he decided to solve this guy as soon as possible.
  However, just as he used the characteristics of the ice mirror, it reflected the opposite ice mirror, and he instantly shifted the position. He intended to go from the blind spot of the enemy’s sight, and when the attack was extremely fast, Naruto turned his head.
  The two are in sight.
  Haku heart was shocked, he could see through his speed! This is impossible!
  The moving between the ice crystals is almost at the speed of light.
  In the world of ice crystals, I am invincible!
  His body has left the ice crystals and attacked the Naruto.
  Naruto moved, bounced from the ice crystal above and waved his fist against him.
  Kunai collided with each other’s fists, kunai were broken.
  Then the fist pierced into his chest and the body was penetrated.
  The two landed, and Naruto’s hand was drawn from the other’s body.
  Blood is like a spring.
  A large mouthful of blood was also poured out from the Haku’s mouth.
  Haku: “Zabuza sama… I am defeated… I am useless…”
  Haku muttered to himself and the brilliance in his eyes gradually dimmed.
  Naruto stood in front of white: “Is this your last word?”
  A bit of blood is once again poured out from the Haku’s mouth: “Let’s me see Zabuza sama for the last time…”
  Naruto: “I can’t do this.”
  Haku closed his eyes: “Take me and bury me with him together…”
  Naruto: “Ok.”
  The last glimmer of Haku’s eyes also dissipated.
  Nine-tailed: “Sure enough, as long as you kill the enemy and touch the enemy’s body, you can pull the enemy’s soul here.”
  The white soul is drawn into the nine-tailed seal space.
  Naruto did not say anything.
  He is still using nine-tailed Chakra, and will not solve it anymore.
  “Multiple Shadow clone jutsu!”
  With the support of the nine-tailed Chakra, thousands of Naruto scatter in all directions to find traces of Zabuza.
  Soon a few of them saw Kakashi.
  Kakashi: “Naruto!”
  Zabuza was under him, and he did not fall down. The bones were not cold.
  I saw that it was just solved.
  Naruto’s avatar was lifted and the message was passed to main body.
  Five minutes later, Naruto’s body came with the body of Haku, and his hand was pressed on the body.
  Then he fainted.
  When Naruto opened his eyes again.
  He found myself lying in a farmhouse.
  By the side… is Kakashi.
  But Kakashi is not standing but lying on the bed like him.
  Because of Sharingan was used excessively…
  Naruto: “This time, I almost died…”
  “Get strong as soon as possible, no matter what method I have to use.”
  Naruto’s consciousness entered the seal space of the nine tails.
  Haku and Zabuza souls are on the ground.
  It seems to be sleeping, very peaceful.
  Nine tails: “The soul of these two guys is very strong.”
  Naruto: “Well…”
  Naruto raised his hand and pressed it on the soul.
  The unspeakable soul twists the body that flows to Naruto.
  Soul strength climbed.
  As the mind became more and more awake, Naruto suddenly found out that this feeling turned out to be an intoxicating sensation.
  Naruto: “Kurma teacher, help me see if there are other changes in the soul.”
  The nine-tailed chakra overflowed from the cage.
  Naruto pressed his hand on the nine-tailed chakra.
  Unexpectedly, the burning sensation that seems to be burning is not as strong as it used to be.
  Is it that I started to adapt to the nine-tailed Chakra?
  Nine tails: “The property has not changed, and the soul power has more than doubled from before.”
  Naruto: “Kurma teacher, no longer have any change in the nature of the water property Chakra, but I still only integrate the water property, why is this?”
  Nine-tailed: “It should be… the imprint of the water property in his soul is more complete. The imprint without the shape is dissipated, leaving only the next one. If the corpse is left for a long time, the imprint of the water property may not remain.”
  The spiritual imprint of the property…
  Naruto: “Is the current soul power the limit of my body?”
  Nine-tailed: “It haven’t arrived yet, the blood of the Uzumaki family is stronger than you think.”
  “Usually, when we are pulled away from the human force, the human column will die immediately.”
  “But a man pulled me out of the body of your mother and your mother still in the condition of fighting.”
  Naruto nodded.
  Then the next step is Haku.
  Haku bloodline is very powerful.
  If you swallow Haku, you can inherit this powerful force.
  This time the battle, if not with the help of Kurma, he is not an opponent at all.
  Naruto came to the Haku soul.
  Naruto: “Incorporating into my body becomes my strength. Maybe this is also a continuation of life.”
  Naruto pressed his hand on Haku’s body.
  At the moment when the two touched each other, the Haku soul began to distort and liquefied into water to flow into the soul of Naruto.
  Naruto is ready to reduce the soul.
  But this time the consumption of soul power exceeded the imagination of Naruto.
  He only feel a flower in front of him, then he lose consciousness.
  Nine-tailed eyes widened, and the soul of Naruto in front of his eyes became visible to the naked eye.
  Accurately speaking, it is a rapid contraction, which condenses into a mark in front of the forehead.
  Naruto’s body was transparent, but the mark seemed to be unsatisfied, and then an arm stretched out from Naruto’s body, ignoring the gossip seal and pressing on the nine-tailed body.
  Naruto woke up directly at night again.
  The light was dim, not even a candle is lit.
  “I seem to have inexplicably fainted recently…”
  Looking around, Kakashi was still asleep.
  Naruto closed his eyes and consciousness entered the space of nine tails.
  Nine tails: “What the monster are you!”
  Being called a monster by a monster makes Naruto feel a little confused.
  Naruto: “That… what happened after I was in a coma?”
  Nine-tailed: “Do you not remember anything?”
  Naruto: “I remember that my hand was pressed on the Hoku body… and then… I was dizzy.”
  “How? Successful? No, can I use his Kekkai genkai in the future?”
  Nine tails don’t talk, Naruto feels awkward.
  Looking up at the cage, then he licked the nine tails and asked, “Is this cage getting bigger?”
  Do not! Not a cage is getting bigger! I am getting smaller, you motherfucker!
  The nine-tailed heart is roaring.
  If you can, Kurma never wants to see this kid in front of him.
  However, the extent of the strangeness of what happened before.
  Some fear is still in his heart.
  When Naruto’s soul power was exhausted, a claw stretched out from Naruto’s soul, ignoring this seal and pressing it on him.
  It has swallowed up a lot of soul power.
  That feeling is terrible.
  It was as if someone had put the straw into his head and for a while.
  It seems that the guy named Death, who was summoned by the Minato and smashed his body in half.
  Kurma’s heart made a decision.
  Since Naruto does not know what happened, he must never tell the Naruto about the truth of this matter.
  Nine-tailed: “Not that the cage has grown bigger, I am small.”
  “After you swallowed that soul, your soul power was quickly consumed. If not I used my soul power to help you down, now you are dead.”
  Naruto: “Is that the Kurma teacher saved me?”
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    Oh, seems his soul is very strange. Still seems all the progress he made is gone since he consumed more of his soul again, wonder when he will confront and be able to use what’s hidden inside him


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