Supreme Naruto ch 28

Chapter 28 Kakashi’s Bridge
  Kurma take the initiative to save him?
  Nine-tailed: “Hey! If it’s not because you are dead, I can’t live, I won’t take care of your life.”
  Naruto: “Oh… that would also like to thank the Kurma teacher…”
  Even so, Naruto always feels that something is wrong.
  Because he did not feel any violent anger from the nine tails.
  People say that the eyes are the window of the mind. Just look at one’s eyes and know what otherone thinks.
  But compared to the eyes, the soul is even more impractical.
  Naruto saw the anger of the nine tails before.
  Now, the body of the nine tails has shrunk in size, showing that the soul power consumed is absolutely not low.
  This kind of thing should be even more angry, but…
  No anger… weird…
  Nine-tailed: “Naruto, you don’t have to mix the attributes any more in the future. If you are in a coma, you won’t wake up again.”
  He feels a foreign object on his forehead, Naruto subconsciously scrahed.
  It is not the same as the rest of the body.
  Naruto lowered his head and saw the engraving on his forehead.
  A circle with a five-pointed star in the middle.
  There is a gray and silver light and there are two adjacent five-pointed stars at the sharp corners of the golden thread.
  what is this?
  Naruto himself couldn’t tell, and he asked Kurma: “Kurma teacher, what is on my forehead?”
  Nine-tailed: “I have never seen it, I don’t know.”
  The attitude of the nine tails is indeed problematic.
  Naruto looked carefully at the five-pointed star, and the two golden lines were outlined.
  The circular arcs connecting the two sharp corners are also different from the others, and the outside is also engraved with unclear words.
  Five-pointed star, five basic Chakras.
  Two discolored corners, wind properties and water properties.
  It should be… related to the Chakra property that is integrated with itself.
  So what exactly is this imprint, can we know when we have to combine five attributes?
  It’s not right, this imprint does not appear when you combine the two attributes of wind and water.
  It only appears when the ice attribute is merged.
  So… do you want to integrate Kekkai Genkai?
  Nine-tailed: “Little devil! You have to listen to me! You are not allowed to devour the soul in the future!”
  Naruto promised: “Well, I won’t.”
  “Kurma teacher, is my current soul more than the original?”
  Nine tails: “There is less than natural, but… it is more pure.”
  Naruto: “Pure? Is there a difference in soul power?”
  Nine-tailed: “That is nature. The cultivation of the soul is the cultivation of spiritual power. The stronger the will is, the stronger the mental strength is. The external performance is stronger for Chakra. The inner performance is more pure.”
  Long posture, it seems that the soul force is not only powerful, but also a qualitative distinction.
  Nine-tailed: “So, don’t arbitrarily devour the souls of others, it will make your soul become a noisy, and the soul will have a lower control over Chakra, which is not good.”
  Devouring someone else’s soul will make the soul confusing.
  But… now the soul is clearer and more sophisticated.
  This self-contradictory statement seems to be because for some reason, Kurma does not want to let himself devour the soul of others. No, it is accurate that he does not want him to integrate himself with attributes.
  And the reason why my soul has become pure…
  Naruto raised his hand and touched the forehead.
  Things suddenly become more interesting…
  His consciousness withdrew from the space of the nine-tail seal.
  Naruto opened his eyes and looked around.
  Did not see the sword.
  Naruto moved his body and went out of bed without feeling unwell.
  Is there a recycling of sword?
  That can contain very valuable live steel.
  Naruto also intends to combine his sword with live steel.
  Multiple shadow clone jutsu!
  Five hundred Naruto walked away in the night, and entered the forest to start the exploration site at the point of explosion.
  I really find the sword.
  When the avatar brought the big knife back, Kakashi did not know when he woke up.
  Kakashi: “Do you like this sword?”
  Naruto is planning to seal the sword in the storage reel and he was shocked to hear Kakashi’s sudden question.
  Naruto: “If you sell this sword, you should have a lots of money.”
  Kakashi: “Sell it… be careful when sell it. It will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.”
  Trouble, it means hidden Mist village.
  Naruto nodded and injects the Chakra on scroll according to the method of using the storage scroll and seals the sword to the storage scroll.
  Kakashi: “How did you find that he is not dead?”
  Ask this question…
  This is the trouble…
  Naruto: “Intuition, after all, we have not killed by using much power, and it was solved by a little devil. It always feels unreasonable.”
  Kakashi: “Intuition is good, sometimes it is this instinct that can save lives.”
  Is this… fooling around?
  That feeling is good…
  This night, Kakashi and Naruto spoke about some about Minato.
  Naruto listened at his side.
  The next day.
  Kakashi arranged a training mission for everyone.
  Um… it’s the cultivation of Chakra’s control – climbing trees.
  This Naruto has practiced in private and has no difficulty.
  As for the Princess of the Clan, Hinata has never lacked a cultivation course.
  As for Sasuke, after knowing the principle, he is successful to calm down and concentrate.
  So the three went straight to the next step and walked on the water.
  Perhaps the soul is more pure and the mental power of Chakra’s control is also improved with Naruto.
  Then Naruto began to practice the cultivation of Chakra nature.
  Wind properties and water properties are performed simultaneously.
  Four hundred Shadow clone are training, 200 practice for the wind attribute and 200 practice for water attribute.
  The practice of the Chakra nature change of the wind attribute, Naruto continued the cultivation method of cutting leaves.
  The water property is to communicate with the river by Chakra and practice by controlling the water of the river.
  On the other hand, the body is carrying heavy weights and walking on the water back and forth at sea.
  In order to upgrade the load to 500 kilograms at an early date, the first door of the eight-door armor will be opened.
  Today, Naruto’s weight-bearing equipment is loaded 25%, which is 205 kg.
  This is still the 22nd detonator on that day that brought a huge painful stimulation to the Naruto’s body and then the nine-tailed Chakra repair was promoted.
  He want to double it again and reach the requirement to open the first door. It is impossible for Naruto to see it for more than three months.
  This also makes Naruto more skeptical that the nine-tailed method that can be achieved in a month does not exist.
  However, although Naruto is skeptical but does not intend to ask, it is definitely not a good thing to think about it.
  A month passed by in the cultivation.
  Kakashi’s injury was almost the same, and Tuzuna’s bridge was built.
  During this period, Gatoh’s men tried to find a few troubles and finally gave up.
  After all, the country of waves is only a small country with an economic backwardness. When it is more rewarding than a return for a businessman, giving up is a common practice.
  The bridge was built.
  Hinata: “Naruto Kun, Kakashi teacher called us.”
  Naruto: “Coming.”
  This day is also the day when they return to Konaha.
  As for the name of the bridge, under the agitation of Naruto, it was named as the bridge of Kakashi.
  Naruto: “Funny…”
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