Supreme Naruto ch 29

Chapter 29: Sword
  After the squad returned to Konoha, the report was made to the Hokage.
  When Hokage heard that this C-level task has a near-A level of difficulty, he is also speechless and threatens Tuzuna to include in the blacklist of Konoha.
  Naruto: “It’s okay, the name of the bridge is called Kakashi’s Bridge. I heard that Tuzuna grandfather said that it would be a good propaganda to engrave the story of the Konoha Ninja in front of the bridge. ”
  Sarutobi: “Well… this is not bad.”
  “In short, because of my mistakes, you have been working hard. Kakashi left, you three to go home and have a day off.”
  The next thing is the pay trading details between Kakashi and Hokage.
  As for the content, Naruto is not interested at all. His heart has already flown to the uncle shop of the Ninja Store.
  How much live steel can be smelted from the sword?
  So big ones come to think a lot, right?
  How to say it is also a famous weapon of one of the seven people in the hidden mist village. I don’t think it’s too shabby.
  After hearing they can return, Naruto rushed out.
  As soon as he entered the Konaha, Naruto wants to return to shop because he fear that Hokage will confesticate the Sword.
  “Jingle Bell……”
  Naruto pushed the door out and the doorbell on the door rang.
  Naruto: “Uncle, how? Can this sword be smelt?”
  At this time, the uncle was very solemnly stroking the blade.
  Naruto’s body pushed the door into the rear and opened his eyes: “Are you sure you want to smelt this knife? From the work of this knife, I can feel that this knife is definitely from the hands of famous people, the value can not be estimated. ”
  Naruto: “It’s melted! Even if it is the best sword, it is not suitable for me to use. You can make a sword suitable for me.”
  Uncle: “…”
  He wanted to say that this is a famous knife! Its value is definitely not only the work of his materials, but also the added value of the outside.
  Just like an antique, although it is at best a broken copper and iron, but the body is more than a few hundred times thousands of times tens of thousands of times more than a broken copper.
  100,000 million is not an exaggeration.
  Uncle: “If you just want to live steel, it will definitely be more to buy this knife than to extract it.”
  Naruto: “Who is going to change?”
  Uncle wants to say that your things are naturally you change.
  When the words didn’t say anything, he suddenly thought of another question.
  Such a precious knife, the little guy in front of him did not have the ability to change, was robbed almost.
  Is the little guy more transparent than what you see?
  Of course, what is more important is that Naruto is afraid of trouble.
  Naruto: “Can you help me sell?”
  Uncle: “Well… can you tell me the origin of this sword? I estimate it.”
  Naruto: “Uncle, you didn’t see it?”
  Uncle smiled: “To tell the truth, although I can barely forge a decent weapon, it is still a lot worse than the real sword. This is why I have almost no cost to make a sword.”
  Naruto: “Does that uncle know the Hidden Mist village?”
  Uncle’s eyebrows pick: “You mean the legendary village of blood Mist?”
  Naruto nodded.
  Uncle: “The village did not communicate with the outside world more than a decade ago. Little is known, but there are many horror legends that know some, how… Is this knife related to the Ninja Village?”
  Naruto: “The famous village of Blood Mist has a seven knife. This knife is one of them.”
  Uncle: “…”
  “Then can I ask how you got it?”
  Naruto saw that Uncle had already had a bit of a retreat.
  But he don’t regret it. The uncle gave him a good feeling. He didn’t plan to trap people.
  If you want to do things, you will be willing to do it. If you don’t want to do it, there are other places in the Konaha that can be forged.
  Then Naruto spoke about some of the things he encountered when he went out to do the mission.
  During this period, the uncle has closed the store door, and even has a sign of suspension of business outside.
  After listening to Naruto’s remarks, Uncle’s blood that had already been stagnant was not boiling.
  Of course, the specific details were not disclosed. After all, many of the ninjas need to be kept secret.
  Uncle: “Do you have the right to handle this knife?”
  Naruto: “Of course, this knife is what I grabbed.”
  Uncle bite his teeth: “Then melt directly!”
  Naruto: “Don’t you find someone to change?”
  Uncle: “Are you going to change?”
  The two laughed at each other.
  With the decision, the uncle got out of his hands.
  The technique he created was relatively general. Although he had fantasted about disarming the top material of live steel, he never expected to be exposed so early.
  Uncle: “That… make a discussion… and other materials are extracted… Can you continue to entrust me to build a sword? I can’t collect money!”
  Naruto: “Ah?”
  Naruto is a bit surprised that he does not collect money. Uncle thinks that Naruto is not willing to let him build, and immediately continue to increase the price.
  Uncle: “You can rest assured that although my casting technique is a little bit worse, I will never humiliate the material of this kind, because my father is a veritable casting master. He left me with a lot of valuable information. I can cast a sword for you according to his method.”
  “At the same time, if you have any special conditions, I can also satisfy it. If you need to add materials for casting, I will be able to get all out of a small amount. I am willing to give 50% too much!”
  Can it still be like this?
  How can Naruto understand a person who is drunk in casting, a desire for casting.
  Seeing that there are such good things, Naruto: “Okay! I will trouble the uncle after the sword is built!”
  Uncle: “The kid is good! I have an appetite!”
  “Come, come with me, it’s just that I have been itching for a few days, and I have put the stove up again. Now it’s just smelting directly!”
  Naruto: “Can I watch it on the spot?”
  Uncle haha ??smiled: “Silly boy, how can you refine the big thing like live steel?”
  So the two left the store and left and left.
  Straight to the edge of the leaves, a sparsely populated place.
  Far away, you can see that the forged big iron stove is already hot.
  Next to it is a house built of rare stones.
  Uncle is obviously in a good mood today. While preparing for the sword, he explained: “This sword, the extraction of materials, is also very particular.”
  “If you don’t know what metal matter is contained in the sword, it is a very troublesome thing. You have to listen to it by tapping and listening to various kinds of temptations.”
  “But since this is a famous knife, you can trace the source and start directly from the existing information.”
  Naruto: “Is there already information?”
  Uncle: “The more famous the founder, the more artifacts I have, the better I understand, because there will be casting artists from all over the world who go to taste the artifacts, and the inferred material is one of them.”
  “Plus, after everyone has inferred, after writing the basis, the master will also make comments and publish materials as the elders. This is also called argument.”
  Naruto nodded: “Oh… that is, the more powerful the foundry is, the better it is to put a scorpion, and then the sword has no secrets?”
  Uncle: “Hey!”
  Uncle squirted.
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