Supreme Naruto ch 3

Chapter 3: Borrow Money.

Want to cooperate with the Mizuki in stealing scroll?

The answer is no!

Because only by learning the techniques of multiple shadow clone jutsu, you can bypass the nine tails which bring you the trouble of not controlling Chakra accurately and narrow the gap between yourself and others.

Sasuke controls the change the nature of Chakra from childhood and inherit the technique of the fireball jutsu of Uchiha.

After graduating from Ninja School, he learned Kakashi’s Chidori in just one day.

Sakura is a little bit worse and it only slowly becomes stronger after the team is formed but the natural character of violence is also terrible after the strange force is strengthened.

Everyone in the Hinata squad has a family bloodline.

In addition, Kiba Inuzuka, Kurenai Yuhi, Shino Aburame, Hinata also inherited bloodlines.

Tenten is good at Space Ninjutsu scroll. After learning the Eight Gates, Rock Li can be said to be against the sky. In this case, if there is no more multiple shadow clone jutsu.

Don’t be a ninja anymore, graduated and went directly to work…

However, the details of stealing the forbidden scrolls have to be re-planned.

In the development of the original world, Mizuki found Naruto to plot to steal the forbidden scroll (the seal book).

Then, after Naruto stole the forbidden scroll, he told everyone that Naruto’s steal the forbidden scroll.

When he was arrested by everyone, he took the opportunity to take the forbidden scroll for himself.

Although the last thing in Mizuki was exposed, in the process, Iruka was seriously injured by the giant shuriken of Mizuki.

I have to think of a way to get both the forbidden scroll and I can’t let him hurt Iruka.

Iruka’s teacher is very good to him. He don’t think I can beat him at this time. I can only spend some thoughts on this.

Iruka: “Naruto? Naruto!”

Naruto came out of his thoughts, he found himself standing at the door of Iruka’s home.

Naruto: “Oh sorry, I am thinking about something…”

Iruka looked at Naruto with some worry: “Is your head still hurt?”

Naruto: “No, I just thought about something.”

Iruka: “That’s okay, but go to bed early this evening. After all, your physical condition is not very good.”

Naruto: “Ok, Iruka sensei.”

Iruka was relieved. He was really afraid that Naruto would practice in night for shadow clone jutsu, so that it would be bad to have a problem with Naruto’s current body.

As for the graduation exam…

In Iruka’s view, it is most important for people to be fine.

If this year’s exam is not passed, there will be next year.

He arranged a room for Naruto.

Iruka: “If you feel anywhere uncomfortable, call me, I am next door to you.”

Naruto: “Okay, Iruka sensei, good night.”

Iruka: “Good night.”

Pulling the door, Naruto looked around for a while.

Teacher Iruka’s home is simple.


Turn the light off.

Naruto closed his eyes.

Try to communicate with the nine tails.

Naruto: “Nine tails! I know you are in my body, you give me a reply!”

However, there is still no response.

After several trials in a row, Naruto had to give up.

He want to think about the forbidden scroll once again, also known as the seal book.

There is more than one jutsu on it.

Then do you want to learn other techniques?

This is somewhat impractical, but remember is not a bad thing?

How is your memory?

Naruto found a book in the room and tested it.

Very ordinary, there is no such thing as a blindfold bonus.

It is almost impossible to write down just by looking.


Naruto believes that he will not have that long time.

When the eyes were free, Naruto saw a picture of the teacher Iruka on the desk.

Colored photos!

Naruto: “That is to say, this world has a camera?”

If there is a camera…

Naruto is planning.

There are many things to do with a camera.

But… with the current state of science and technology in this world…

Obviously, it is impossible to have advanced electronic equipment. Some cameras are also old-fashioned and are not suitable for espionage.

However, in Naruto’s memory, there is a kind of rewriting scroll in the world, which can be quickly and automatically recorded the scroll, suitable for espionage, or important information collection.

Just… it is very expensive!

Naruto touched his pocket, pulled out a few coins and a crumpled note.

This money is definitely not enough…

Moreover, according to the memory, there is not much money at home…

Uh… I am also a child of the 4th Hokage still so poor…

After his dad has died his money is used as public funds…

However, he has to pay for the subsidies of wood leaves every month.

Those who don’t know the truth in Konanha see that they still have a bitter hatred.

Think about how fucking useless I am?

Isn’t the other ninjutsu on the banned scrolls so out of my own league?

Other ninjutsu he don’t know but Naruto always feels that the Flying Thunder God Jutsu is not allowed to learn.

Because his father is famous for Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

In this body, how can he not inherit some of the excellent genes of parents?

So borrow money?

Who I will borrow?

Iruka teacher can’t.

Want to manage Iruka’s teacher to borrow money at least have to say a reason?

Then other people don’t even think about it. At present, his personal relationship is zero.

Not right… there is … Hinata.

In the capacity of Miss Hinata, ??money is definitely not lacking.

But… I did something so excessive…

I don’t know what the impact is afterwards.

Likely that Hinata has begun to hate himself?

This night is destined to be a sleepless night for Naruto.

The next day, Iruka teacher came to call Naruto to get up.

In fact, Naruto didn’t fall asleep last night, Iruka had already seen it several times.

In this regard, Naruto’s heart is very moved.

There is a person who is worried about himself and that feeling is really good.

After arriving at the school gate, Naruto saw the Hinata walking in front.

Do you want to try it out…

Naruto: “Iruka Sensei, that I want to talk to Hinata for a minute…”

Iruka’s eyelids couldn’t help but whispered, “What are you going to do?”

Naruto: “I thought about it carefully. I did something too much yesterday. I want to apologize.”

This answer made Iruka somewhat surprised.

It seems that Naruto’s head has not only broken, but it start working properly.

Iruka: “Then go, don’t delay too long, there is exam today.”

Thinking of the exam, Iruka’s heart could not help but sink.

Maybe it’s ok today, but tomorrow’s Ninjutsu test… Naruto… oh…

Iruka shook his head and left silently.

After Iluka left, Naruto bit his teeth and smacked his head and said: “That… Hinata… I have something to say to you…”

Behind Hinata, the voice of Naruto came. She is happy that he is Ok. Yesterday, Naruto suddenly fainted and this scared her.

Turning around and seeing Naruto no problem, she couldn’t help but be shy.

She remembered that Naruto confessed to her yesterday.

She’s really shy… oh…

Hanata: “That…”

Naruto: “That…”

Both of them opened their mouth at the same time.

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