Supreme Naruto ch 30

Chapter 30 Forging
  The process of melting the knife went smoothly.
  Because the uncle found the information of the dagger in his pile of data.
  This is followed by a method for finding the material extracted for the material to be fused, and the order in which several substances are extracted together.
  So for a long time two people were reading through the materials.
  Because there is too much information, Uncle let Naruto follow him.
  For the sake of sword, he quickly found all the information but uncle could never think of it that Naruto’s memory can record every book he read in his head.
  Naruto himself did not have the intention to inform him. The more he looked at the information, the more interesting he was, so he indulge in reading and made a fortune.
  When the sword is melted.
  Naruto: “Can I really read it at will?”
  Uncle’s swaying hand: “Be careful not to smash some old pages.”
Please read it only on
  Uncle stands at the window and sees that Naruto is not staring at him: “This silly boy, I don’t know if he can remember all the information, notes are really too thick.”
  But he don’t know, Naruto has already read all the information at this time.
  When the materials were all refined, the knowledge of the sword was also abducted.
  The knowledge of casting swords is mainly divided into three parts.
  The first part is the material introduction.
  This includes the type of material, the method of collection, the refinement, and the nuances of the cast materials produced by each region, as well as matters needing attention.
  The second part is the casting technique.
  Including stacking hammers, forging, how to wheel the hammer to save energy, how to use the force to fight down, to save physical strength and increase patience, and to be ready to become a foundry, how to exercise strong and powerful body capital, There is also an introduction to daily maintenance.
  Through this one, Naruto knows that the senior foundry can still forge through the sword.
  The third part is integration and separation.
  This section focuses on the effects of the fusion of various materials and how to separate them.
  After reading through the three parts, Naruto felt that he had opened the door to the new world.
  The book has been finished but still has a good aftertaste.
  Uncle came to Naruto: “Naruto?”
  He was originally prepared to take some extracts and prepare to open the furnace for the next step.
  At this time, Naruto reported the names of the three extracted substances in succession.
  Naruto: “If you add these three substances in the refining, you can also extract the composite metal that is fused together!”
  Uncle: “What are you talking about?”
  Naruto returned to himself: “Oh… I saw a casting master talking about this sword.”
  Uncle: “What is said in the book? Which one? let me see.”
  how to answer?
  There is no such thing in the book, and those are summed up by him.
  Naruto: “Hey? I don’t know the book page? I forgot where to put it.”
  Uncle: “Nothing, you are sure to see it in the book, and you don’t have time to find it again.”
  Naruto: “OK! OK!”
  So the uncle found three substances according to the name that Naruto had just reported: “You decided not to let go? This should not destroy a lot of good materials, but live steel should not be affected.”
  Naruto: “Well, throw it in the order in a while. Anyway, besides the live steel, it is a icing on the cake.”
  Uncle: “That, I listen to you for a while.”
  Naruto quietly calculated, according to the knowledge summarized from the material, this not only does not affect the extraction of live steel, but can consume the substances that affect the precipitation of live steel, and increase the extraction of live steel.
  However, it is also necessary to lose two kinds of materials that are not valuable.
  Overall blood earned!
  At the same time, you can also certify what you have learned in the book and the accuracy of your knowledge.
  Soon, three alloys were extracted from three consecutive materials.
  The first one is soft and viscous.
  The second type is hard and brittle.
  The third, transparent.
  After detecting these uncles, he nodded and said: “This method is good. The first one can increase the toughness when added to the weapon, the second increases the stability, and the third increases the chakra permeability. It is suitable for most castings!”
  “Naruto can you find where it is recorded in which book. The master is absolutely very talented. His theoretical knowlegde is invalueable.”
  Naruto: “Oh… this… there are too many books, and it’s not clear.”
  Uncle nodded. “This is ok. I will just check the material for a while and my brain is dizzy.”
  Naruto’s heart was very happy, and the three substances were successfully extracted, proving that his theory from the book was correct.
  At the same time, Naruto did not help but raised some interest in casting.
  Nowadays, every time the body is strong, he reaching towards the eight-door armor.
  Where to find such a good thing.
  Naruto: “Uncle, what do I need to do, if I want to learn to forge?”
  Uncle can’t help but say: “You want to learn to cast?”
  Naruto: “Yeah, I think the casting is very powerful. The combination of the two substances can create so many incredible things, like God’s creation.”
  Uncle: “Do you think so?”
  I don’t know if it was stimulated by live steel. Uncle is very excited today.
  So pointing to the big hammer on the forged bench, “I can teach you to cast as long as you can rotate this hammer.”
  Naruto tried it, the hammer was really heavy.
  Uncle: “Don’t bother, no one can pick up the hammer, but you can refine it from a small hammer.”
  Naruto: “No! I have to try, Uncle, wait a minute.”
  Said that Naruto took off the weighted clothes as well as the weight-bearing hand.
  Naruto: “When this thing is poured with Chakra, it can be kept for a long time, I have to take it off first.”
  Naruto gently puts heavy clothes and weights on the floor.
  Uncle just glanced at it and didn’t take it too seriously.
  However, the next moment, Naruto actually picked up the big hammer.
  Uncle was shocked, and went to pick up Naruto’s hand, sink!
  “How much weight do you currently have in your body?”
  Naruto: “25% loading, a total of 205 kg.”
  205 kilograms! This little guy is so fierce!
  The hammer fell and knocked out a Mars on the iron felt: “How? Uncle, is this qualified?”
  Uncle: “Yes, your kid is born with a talent for forging, but later I will teach you a way to exercise your muscles properly through forging.”
  The correct way? Naruto is actually already there.
  Might Guy must have other correct methods of refining, but unfortunately they did not mention it on the eight-door armor cultivation method.
  Also, under normal circumstances, you can reach out to the eight armor, and naturally know the correct method of refining.
  Naruto, the standard version of the abnormal way to obtain.
  Therefore, when he saw that the weight-bearing exercise was not easy and the body stopped growing in height, Naruto’s heart was almost desperate.
  When the two talked, they began to heat up in the furnace.
  Uncle sees this surprise: “The blue-green steam is coming out of the stove. This is the performance of the live steel to be extracted!”
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    En verdad que me gusta esta novela con este nuevo y mejorado Naruto, que tan tonto fue en la serie original para no darse cuenta que siempre fue utilizado y manejado por otros además del obvio lavado cerebral con esa tontería de la voluntad del fuego.

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      yah…. think some kill your whole family and still say that you have to protect the village……………… examples are kakashi and sasuke


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