Supreme Naruto ch 31

Chapter 31 Uncle’s trick.
Live steel! Baked!
After cooling, Naruto finally saw the appearance of the live steel.
As described in the book, the whole liquid is dark red with a coherent pattern.
Uncle’s excited eyes were actually with a trace of crystal, staring at the blood red metal in front of me. “We have succeeded!”
Finally, the joy of restraining the joy is cheerfully smashed, like a child, but the Naruto is much calmer.
But I have to say that he is also a excited.
A person who met the live steel for the first time is naturally excited.
Uncle is still praising: “Hey! Hey! Just put it here is a supreme artwork!”
A piece of mineral is a work of art?
This kind of aesthetics is only produced by the foundry…
Uncle: “But… this amount is much more than what I have imagined!”
“Come on, the more is better.”
Although the live steel seems to have cooled down almost, but at this time, if you touch it with your hand, It can still melt your hand instantly.
The huge iron tongs sandwiched the new steel, and fell on the scale of the insulated composite board.
Staring at the steel, the uncle’s eyes reached the limit and screamed: “There is only one kilogram! God! I can’t believe my eyes! A kilogram of live steel is in front of my eyes!”
Naruto’s eyelids picked: “Uncle you are so loud, you want to let the people in the village listen, maybe you will meet someone who can recognize the gold inlay to share with you the pleasure of this time. .”
Uncle doesn’t know that gold inlaid jade is awkward, but the meaning in Naruto can be understood.
He quickly slammed his mouth, and he still understood this is a mistake. After all, he was such a big man.
Uncle shyly smashed his head. “Sorry, sorry, I am so excited.”
“After all, ten grams is enough to create a sword. One kilogram is enough for hundred swords!”
Naruto’s thoughts move: “Under normal circumstances, can we not use this whole live steel to create my sword?”
Uncle: “Of course not, this kind of behavior is a waste! Great waste!”
Naruto thinks a lot, pondering for a moment: “Do you say that casting this sword is still a famous?”
Uncle touched his chin: “Although my knowledge is shallow, this is not a mistake. The master’s forged sword can only be felt by hand.”
Naruto looked at the number on the scale and slowly said: “I have a guess, Hidden mist Village… have not found a living steel deposit in the past!”
The uncle was also thinking about it, and at the same time, he kept the live steel at the fastest speed.
The mouth replied: “I have to say that you are very likely to guess this!”
“A weapon is actually a hundred times more than the conventional one. This is only extracted, and some of it is not extracted in the residue.”
“I have a problem……”
Naruto boldly guessed: “Is there any possibility… There are problems with the seven knives of the seven people in the hidden mist village, um… there is a chance to collect a few more, and then refine and confirm it.”
Uncle did not want to replied casually: “That time you have to come to me.”
But I don’t know that Naruto’s heart really hangs on this matter.
The live steel was wrapped by the uncle and placed in a metal box.
The more precious the metal, the more careful it is to keep it.
After packaging, Uncle closed his eyes and handed the metal box to Naruto: “Give it to you, if you let it stay in my hand for some time. I am afraid I will be more reluctant to give it to you.”
In his heart, he blame Naruto. This silly boy doesn’t know how big his luck is.
He have brought this big knife to me for smelting. For now, I might think of killing someone for this live steel.
But the accident is that Naruto did not immediately pick it up, but was silent for a moment full of fear: “I am a little uneasy, uncle, how much do you say is the price of this kg of live steel?”
Uncle holding a metal box, feeling like he is holding his own baby daughter, turned his eyes and said: “10 grams are priceless, what do you think?”
Naruto: “So what do you say about the Hidden Mist village knowing that the Sword is in the Konaha?”
A huge price means a huge danger.
After the surprise, the uncle also calmed down.
The hand touching the metal box gradually stopped and pressed on the metal box.
The atmosphere was a bit heavy at this time, and things were more troublesome than expected.
Naruto came up with an idea: “I don’t know if you can recreate that same size sword, of course, you can’t use so much live steel, at most ten grams.”
Uncle’s eyes lit up: “You mean…”
The two looked at each other and smiled.
With Naruto’s plan, the uncle’s breathing also became more and more heavy: “Little guy, I am more and more optimistic about you, and you are evil.”
Naruto: “The original founders were all evil…”
Uncle: “Ha ha ha ha.”
Then the two were busy again.
At the same time, Uncle also began to teach Naruto how to forge swords.
Naruto has learned and practiced again. It took only a dozen or so hammers to succeed, and then naturally harvested the uncle’s envious eyes.
Uncle: “When this big knife is re-wrought, what kind of sword are you going to forge?”
Naruto: “No hurry… To be honest, I still don’t want to make a sword now…”
Uncle is also speechless.
The uncle suggested: “Nothing, learn the practice of the forged body, and master the slashing in the sword. After that you directly grind and temper in actual combat. At that time you find a good teacher.”
It is so easy to say that the swordsmanship is so easy. After seeing and getting along with Naruto, the uncle’s worldview has begun to be rewritten.
Uncle: “And if you have the opportunity, you will go to the Iron Kingdom for a period of time. The warrior there is the place to inherit the essence of swordsmanship. You will definitely benefit from it when you arrive, and forging is also a must.”
Naruto nodded casually: “There is a chance to go there but I have to worry about my age.”
Uncle: “…”
It is a sad thing to mention this.
But fortunately, the ability of the uncle to bear the ability is not bad.
On this day, Naruto played with hammer with the uncle for a day, and his muscles and bones were well trained.
He only feel that he was so refreshed, and he don’t know how many times he want to practice his strength.
In the words of the uncle, the strength of the weight-lifting is first part, and the forging is a skill.
The two complement each other, but they are not the same.
At night, Naruto was reluctantly leave: “Hey… I have to continue to pick up those boring tasks tomorrow… I really want to continue to carefree forge…”
Uncle laughed and said: “I like this feeling?”
Naruto: “Yeah, I feel that if I am practicing what I am doing, I can be much more powerful than those task.”
Uncle: “Not so exaggerated… but it’s about the same.”
Naruto shrugged.
Uncle: “I have a good plan that will allow you to exercise. Do you want to try it?”
Naruto has some doubts: “Is it true? Ninjas have no holidays…”
Uncle and mysterious smile: “You will know tomorrow.”
The next day, Naruto came to the uncle’s shop.
Uncle’s plan is to release a special task.
He named Naruto to help him and the task level is C.
So early in the morning, Kakashi was sent to the door of the uncle, and then leave aside Naruto.
Naruto: “Is this task for Kakashi teacher to be with you?”
Kakashi: “Well… the task requires that.”
“Remarks indicate that you have damaged a high-level detonator. As compensation, you have to work for a month.”
Naruto is dumbfounded, this is the uncle’s trick?
It’s really good!
Hinata stood on the side and was very worried: “How much money can I raise to redeem Naruto?”
Kakashi: “The client said that this is not something that money can solve. The client said that he must let Naruto to work for a month on his shop but he knows what it means to be hard-earned.”
Hinata: “Naruto Kun…”
Naruto’s mouth twitched for a while, and he said in his heart: “Enough! Oh!”
Naruto: “Do not worry, one person is responsible for his mistakes, isn’t it a month on his shop, I will never let him nibble with such a small task!”
The heart of the Hinata has been touched.
Amazing, Naruto is handsome! One person is responsible for his mistakes, and I have to learn from Naruto.
Hinata: “We will wait for you to come out!”
come out? How do you feel that the taste is not right?
Naruto: “Well… I will work a month on this shop. When I get out, my body will be stronger. I don’t want to slack off the exercise, You also have to work hard!”
Hinata: “Okk!”
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