Supreme Naruto ch 32

Chapter 32 Shop Owner uncle
  After Kakashi took Sasuke and Hinata, Naruto was taken to the place where the uncle’s shop.
  Naruto’s face is full of piety and awe at this moment: “Your strategy is really too much, and my admiration for you is second only to faith.”
  The store’s uncle said: “Where, your acting skills are also good, and your girlfriend is so tense because of you!”
  Two flattering guys began to work just like yesterday.
  Naruto continued to beat iron with hammer, the uncle of the store on the side of the comparison of the material share, access to information, determined to create an identical sword.
  For three consecutive days, after four or five failures, the two finally ushered in a near-perfect release.
  Uncle manager: “I think… we can try to use live steel to build it.”
  Naruto: “Then let’s get started. Anyway, if we make a mistake, we can still extract it back.”
  So after two more days, after failing three times, the fourth time succeeded!
  The uncle of the store is very excited. This is the first time he successfully built a sword with the live steel.
  Naruto proposed: “It’s too new to be old.”
  The uncle of the store manager suddenly realized: “It is reasonable!”
  Then the uncle was repeatedly washed and polished by some materials that could restrain the steel, and finally a new big knife was worn out.
  Naruto: “It’s even more perfect to tie up the handguards that I used to use, but it’s a pity that the strip was blown up…”
  The uncle of the store is deeply convinced.
  Uncle: “What about this knife?”
  Naruto: “Selling is good but if they don’t understand sword and you sell it indiscriminately, don’t you feel like the baby in the general antique market?”
  Uncle: “You boy is born to do great things.”
  Naruto laugh.
  A knife was taken out, and the steel money spent by the two men in the past two days doubled back.
  This is already the effect of pushing the price to the extreme.
  It can be seen that this knife is hot.
  Konaha naturally received certain news.
  But they don’t know that sword is fake.
  ANBU ninjas asking 3rd Hokage: “Hokage sama, do you want to buy it back, after all, the value of the sword…”
  Sarutobi shook his head: “The trouble brought by the knife is much greater than its own value. I originally worried about Naruto. The guy didn’t know how to take the knife as his own. Now he sells it, although he sold at a junk price. But the trouble is finally relieved.”
  The ninja retired.
  Sarutobi whispered to himself: “This should be thanks to the manager of the Ninja Store. The manager have some eyesight, so the lobbying allows Naruto to sell the sword, and at the same time, to compensate, there is really small. The potential of the guy is to teach him the ability to forge the body, this sale, Naruto is not losing.”
  Sarutobi nodded, feeling that this is the case, he starts to continue to deal with other paper works.
  Naruto has been playing iron for a week.
  In addition, because there is no shortage of food, he have become more sophisticated, and his eyes reveal a heroic spirit.
  There is also a talented person who help him cultivates his body skills.
  The uncle looked at the casting furnace with a dull look: “Naruto, are you sure you don’t need to build a sword?”
  Naruto continued to beat the iron, and the head did not return: “… Uncle, if you itch it, you can create it directly, as long as you don’t use the live steel.”
  After the live steel was extracted, it was deposited with the uncle.
  The two may be stinking, and have the mutual trust is also established.
  In fact, Naruto does not know that this is the effect of improving the perception after the soul is improved.
  Also called spirituality.
  And the intuition that people are familiar with each other through appearance.
   Uncle manager: “But you don’t ask for it, How can I build it…”
  The uncle of the store even had this problem… he don’t feel that he need to be cured this problem. It is quite good.
  Originally worried about whether live steel would be wasted.
  Don’t worry about it now.
  Naruto looked back at the uncle. At this time, the uncle looked at the forging furnace, and seemed to have lost his dream of salted fish. He couldn’t help but thought about it. “Uncle, do you want me to forge one for me?” Put a sword that fits the wind attribute?”
  The uncle clap his hands and resurrected in an instant: “just waiting for your words.”
  Well, in fact, Naruto had planned to cultivate the ice properties and then build it.
  If you think about it carefully, you don’t know when you master Ice property.
  Uncle of the store came in front of Naruto: “What about other requirements?”
  Naruto: “The sword is built according to the sword I am currently using on. It should be straight, not a big sword.”
  Uncle: “Yes.”
  Naruto: “Then choose the material, add a piece of fine stone, add a piece of fine stone, use the honeycomb shape alloy extracted from the big knife, and the transparent one plus Chakra permeability, and soft plus The wayward, the main body uses blue steel, 30 grams of live steel, how do you feel?”
  The uncle of the store has already became stupid.
  Uncle: “The wind and the fine stone have the air properties and water properties of Chakra. Do you have two chakra nature changes?”
  Naruto: “Just master a little bit, the wind attribute can cut off the thick branches of tree, and the water can control a bowl of water to float.”
  Uncle: “…”
  After meeting Naruto, he felt that his worldview had been refreshing.
  Uncle manager: “So I don’t have any doubts. Blue steel is a good steel that can have both wind and water. It seems that you have a draft on this sword.”
  Naruto: “Okay…”
  Uncle manager: “But… 30 grams of live steel is a waste. After all, live steel only penetrates into the whole handle knife, only 10 grams, no… your sword needs only five grams to complete the penetration. Sword, when the sword is broken, the live steel will also be retracted to the part that meets the hilt with the broken essence in the moment of the break.”
  Naruto: “But live steel and blue-grain steel will enhance the ductility of the blade when it is together. When Chakra is injected, the sword can be stretched three times as long as desired.”
  Uncle manager: “Elongation? Isn’t that the nature of extension steel?”
  Naruto: “Yes, but live steel and blue-grain steel will also stimulate this kind of nature, but the difference is that has not been extended and changed so much….”
  The uncle of the store looked at the instructions of Naruto: “Wo Wo!”
  Um… The uncle of the store manager and Naruto recently learned together. He feels that Naruto knowledge is very powerful. He can’t express his feelings at this time.
  Uncle manager: “When did you read my books?”
  Naruto: “Oh… I just wrote it down… um, after all, it is the metal that I expected.”
  The uncle of the store manager squinted: “Really?”
  Naruto nodded with innocence and sincerity: “Hmm.”
  Uncle manager: “Since you can remember this, why you don’t remember the other things up, do you know that you are wasting your talent!”
  Naruto’s expression suddenly solidified: “…”
  Uncle manager: “From today, come back to me one day before you go!”
  Naruto doesn’t know what kind of expression he wants to squeeze out on his face now: “…”
  Really met a good master.
  However, Naruto suddenly thought of one thing, such a good master, he did not know what the manager’s uncle called…
  Naruto: “The uncle of the store… I found out that I still don’t know your name. What should I call you?”
  Uncle manager: “…”
  Uncle manager: “Let me think about it, I am confused.”
  Uncle manager: “Forget you still call me uncle manager…”
  Is he forgotten his name?
  As a result, Naruto is really unceremonious and directly called the uncle of the store…
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