Supreme Naruto ch 4

Chapter 4: Iruka gets jealous
  Naruto: “First of all, I want to apologize. Yesterday I actually didn’t wake up a bit, I thought I was dreaming… I am sorry.”
  After saying that Naruto turned ninety degrees to apolizise.
  Hinata was shy and squinted.
  Naruto thought it was a dream?
  Then, Naruto always dreaming about me and then confessed to me?
  So what is this confession?
  Hinata feels that the head is somewhat starting to blank again.
  She don’t know how to respond.
  Naruto: “I hope you can forgive, but… I really like you.”
  Once again, he proposed me.
  So no matter what counts last time, then this time should count?
  The heart was screaming, and Hinata had lost the ability to answer.
  Naruto: “Hinata?”
  He did not hear the response. Naruto finally looked up.
  There are also a lot of people around here.
  The blush of Hinata is red and very cute.
  Naruto: “Well… There is another thing besides this, let’s change places.”
  Saying that he hold Hinata’s hand and ran to the valley next to the school…
  Naruto pulls his hand?
  Heartbeat became faster.
  Happiness came too suddenly, and Hinata found that she was not prepared at all.
  Waiting for no one around the Valley.
  Naruto quietly said: “Hinata, ??can I ask you something?”
  Hinata whispered: “Uhhh?”
  Naruto: “Well… I want to ask, do you know how much a rewrite scroll cost?”
  Copy the scroll?
  Why talk about the rewrite scroll?
  However, Hinata still tried to remember it.
  In her memory, she did see: “10,000 for one”
  This price… very expensive!
  Naruto: “So… Can you get me a small copying scroll please?”
  Uhhhh! He really can’t find a way and he doesn’t want to give up this opportunity.
  For the current Naruto, it is already a big figure.
  Hinata: “Do you want a rewrite scroll?? Ok, I will go home and have a look, if there is, I will give it to you tomorrow.”
  Naruto took a deep breath: “Thank you very much.”
  “Besides for special reasons, this thing can’t tell others.”
  Hinata nodded again and agreed.
  Before leaving, Naruto swept around.
  I hope there is no one hiding in the dark corners…
  That’s all he can do and the rest based on destiny.
  Two people returned to the classroom.
  Hinata: “Naruto kun, this exam… I will cheer for you!”
  Naruto: “Yeah!”
  The written test may be ok… but the shadow clone jutsu must not pass……
   If he did pass the exam, Mizuki would not let him steal the forbidden scroll.
  Go back to your seat.
  The matter of rewriting the scroll can only look at the results of tomorrow.
  Time ticking away.
  The first test is the written test, the written test of each subject.
  There are introductory cryptic translations, wilderness survival, investigation and anti-reconnaissance, important world history, the use of ninjas and so on.
  There are many subjects but they are all theoretical knowledge.
  Um… According to the memory in his head, Naruto estimates that he should be able to pass.
  The first day was spent on exam.
  After school, Hinata hesitated to go to Naruto.
  But… wait for a boy to leave the campus together… she has never done that before… Her face blushing hot.
  Still… don’t wait…
  Hinata is going to leave.
  Naruto: “Hinata? Are you waiting for me?”
  “Uhhh!” The face of Hinata turn red.
  It is too embarrassing to find such a thing.
  How to do? How to do? How to do?
  Hinata: “no…no…not…”
  Naruto: “Oh? Ok, I will see you tomorrow. For physical reasons, I have to live in the home of Iruka Sensei today, bye.”
  Body! Isn’t Naruto’s body still not good?
  In her heart, she also forgot her shame and raised her head and asked nervously: “Is your body still not good?”
  Naruto: “It’s good, but Iruka Sensei is not feeling at ease. I am at home, lest I suddenly faint, so I lived in the home of Iruka before the exam.”
  Nothing… just fine…
  The heart of Hinata was relieved.
  She shyly replied: “Then I will go first, goodbye.”
  Naruto: “Well, goodbye.”
  Hinata took a few steps forward and then suddenly turned back: “I found that Naruto has changed a bit but more confident and more handsome.”
  Then she flew away like a fly.
  This scene fell in the eyes of the Iruka teacher who had been single for more than 20 years and was instantly hurt by 100,000 damage points.
  “Iruka Sensei must bring Naruto to go home?”
  When Naruto and Iruka left school, they met Mizuki.
  Iruka greeted Mizuki: “It’s Mizuki Sensei, yeah.”
  Mizuki laughs very sunny and gives a very trustworthy look.
  Naruto also greeted him.
  Mizuki: “Tomorrow Naruto has an exam? Naruto must also cheer!”
  Naruto: “Well! Yes.”
  The three passed by.
  Mizuki, Mizuki, whether you are a good person or a bad person, it doesn’t matter to me.
  But… If you count on my head, don’t blame me.
  In the last life, after going out of the orphanage, he experienced a lot of things.
  I have been smashed by rubbish.
  Even kidnapped by traffickers or I was almost beaten to help the black-hearted people to make money. It can be said that the experience is very rich.
  Therefore, he understand how precious this life is.
  He has spent a lot of effort to live till now and decided to continue to live stubbornly.
  Wait… If he comes to this world, So maybe he is already in the world and he has been killed maybe.
  Then, in order not to lose his hard-won life, I have to work harder.
  Iruka: “What does Naruto want to eat today?”
  Naruto: “Iraka teacher still wants me to be treat as a guest?”
  Iruka: “Yes.”
  Naruto: “Then three bowls of tasty ramen!”
  Iruka: “…Ok….”
  Naruto’s appetite, he has already seen it.
  Iruka: “I really don’t know how have you eaten only this much today… Do you want to add two more bowls?”
  Naruto laughed and said nothing: “Oh, thank you sensei.”
  The answer was a simple one and Iruka had some regrets to ask this sentence.
  Once again, he came to the home of Iruka’s teacher and tried again to communicate with the nine tails but there was still no movement.
  Is it nine tail sleeping?
  Oh, this joke is not funny at all…
  In the development of the original world… Naruto saw the nine tails for the first time and it seems to be after the encounter… his ero sensei.
  In order to force out the nine tails, the Naruto was also pushed from the cliff.
  On the occasion of life and death, Naruto’s consciousness entered the space of the seal and meet nine tails and it was the first time that he saw nine tails.
  Shouldn’t you be in danger of life?
  Shaking his head and pulling his mind off the cliff.
  He will never do that kind of thing.
  Naruto: “Tomorrow is the Ninjutsu exam… I hope everything goes well.”
  Can you stand firm in this world, after watching the exam.
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