Supreme Naruto ch 5

Chapter 5 The Goodwill of Mizuki
  Hinata: “Naruto kun!”
  With the number of conversations between the two, the Naruto has already proposed her.
  The courage of Hinata has also become a lot bigger, at least she dare to wave to Naruto.
  Naruto: “Iruka teacher, Hinata called me, me…”
  Iruka drifted with his black face: “Go…”
  When his own students start picking girls.
  His teacher is still single…ah! wanna die!
  Two people quietly came to one place.
  Hinata hand over the copy scroll to Naruto.
  Is this an exchange of tokens?
  Just think about it in her heart.
  This scroll is very small, equal to little finger of normal person and the diameter of the thickness is not over the mung bean.
  There is also a brief description along with the scroll.
  As long as the chakra is injected into it, the reel will automatically expand to the same size as the scroll to be examined and then a thin film is formed over it to complete the copying while the scroll is unfolded.
  It was written down.
  Before entering the examination room, Hinata: “Naruto kun is going to cheer for me today!”
  Naruto: “Okay, Hinata is going to cheer for me!”
  The assessment of Ninjutsu is happen in different class and all students have to wait in a class next to it.
  Then judged by the teacher of the assessment.
  Iruka: “Next, Naruto!”
  Naruto got up, subconsciously looked at Hinata and Hinata was watching him and made a very cute gesture of cheering.
  Naruto snorted.
  Next is the moment of sadness…
  Walk into the room of the test.
  Teacher Iruka and Mizuki teacher sit side by side at the front desk.
  Today, Iruka is the chief examiner and Mizuki is the deputy examiner.
  On the desk, the wooden leaf ninja’s head band is placed neatly.
  If you get the head band, you will be promoted to the next level, so that there will be a monthly income that is much higher than the current subsidy.
  At the same time, as long as the task is completed, a bonus of task will be obtained.
  Iluka: “This year’s Ninjutsu exam subjects are… Shadow clone jutsu.”
  Sure enough, it is a shadow clone.
  Mizuki looked at Naruto with a very kind smile: “Naruto starts the Ninjutsu.”
  Naruto: “Yes.”
  Skillful seal: “Shadow clone jutsu!”
  A clone appeared next to Naruto, but… it was a clone like an dead naruto.
  The soft slap on the ground, even if it is Naruto himself, want to hurt him.
  Iruka: “Failed!”
  Naruto took a deep breath and looked at the teacher Iruka.
  At this time, the teacher of Iruka was very serious.
  Naruto: “I will continue to work hard.”
  Mizuki then interjected: “Well, Naruto also create a clone, let him pass.”
  Naruto looks at Mizuki.
  The Mizuki show at this time is quite sincere.
  If you are still the silly Naruto in the past, then most of them will agree with Mizuki and at the same time think that Iruka does not care about him.
  After all, the psychology of children is like this. They can’t see the good things that those who have really paid a lot for him, but the false goodwill of outsiders can be seen.
  Iruka: “No! The other students can split at least three shadow clone. Naruto can only give one and it is useless, so I can’t pass Naruto.”
  After changing the position, knowing the truth and then looking at the scene in front of him, I couldn’t give a sigh of resentment to Iruka.
  Naruto bowed his head: “Iruka sensei, I will go down first.”
  However, even if I already know the result, his heart is still uncomfortable.
  Iruka: “Next, Hinata!”
  Hinata came out of the classroom and happened to meet Naruto.
  Teacher Iruka’s words, she also heard it just now. At this time, She was worried that she would look at Naruto. “Naruto kun?”
  Naruto: “You can rest assured that there will be nothing, I will graduate from Ninja School.”
  Hinata: “Well! I believe in Naruto.”
  Naruto: “Go ahead for the exam.”
  Hinata: “Okay.”
  Naruto did not return to the classroom, but he walked outside and walked on the street of Konoha.
  Naruto turned a blind eye to the expression of pedestrians’ disgust.
  The eyes of others in his view have no meaning at all.
  Because no matter whether others can look down on you, it is a matter of others. He can bear the humiliation of his sins.
  However, what he did not understand was why the 3rd Hokage told the village that he is the demon fox.
  Why set up a rule that only Naruto can’t know.
  Why do you want to hide this, in order to protect him?
  In order to fear the revenge of 4th Hokage’s former enemy?
  The 4th Hokage sacrificed his son for the village. Can you not even protect him?
  Just afraid of attracting enemies, afraid of bringing trouble to the village, let a child live in the disgusting eyes of everyone from a young age? It will not hurt your conscience!
  Take a deep breath and look up at the sky.
  The clouds in the sky are so white, so high, pure, and leisurely.
  He couldn’t help but give birth to a hint of envy.
  Be a carefree cloud, when the wind blows and slowly dissipates, that kind of life, he is yearning for himself.
  “Naruto! It turns out that you are here, I think we are worried about you when you leave school.”
  Is it started?
  Naruto turns around and the person in front of him is full of pity for him.
  Unfortunately, this expression, if it is made by Iruka, will it increase its vividness?
  Or it is the Hinata, the kind of pure and unremarkable girl.
  Naruto bowed his head: “Mizuki sensei, is there something?”
  He is not very good at acting.
  Or he doesn’t want to make a poor look in front of this person.
  Mizuki: “Is it troublesome for not passing the exam? Believe me Iruka sensei is definitely not thinking about you.”
  Naruto: “uhhhh…”
  Mizuki: “Go, let’s talk to other places, then I will tell you about Iruka’s childhood.”
  Naruto: “ok”
  Mizuki brought Naruto to a place where no one was.
  It is a high platform. Looking down from here, the houses in village seem to be so small.
  Mizuki: “Actually, Iruka is the same as you, he is also an orphan.”
  Mizuki began the performance.
  Naruto cooperate with him.
  After talking for a long time, he finally talked about the key point: “Naruto, do you want to pass the exam? There is a secret I want to tell you, if you succeed, you will graduate successfully through the exam.”
  He have already prepared himself but Naruto’s heart has a nervous emotion at this moment.
  This will be a test and it will be an important turning point in his life. In the future, he will have the opportunity to stand on this world.
  If he didn’t pass, he would have to stay in the Ninja School for a year, and once again live a life that can only get a little subsidy every day.
  With a grateful smile, I have endure the malice on every street.
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