Supreme Naruto ch 6

Chapter 6: Forbidden scroll
  Mizuki: “I know a scroll that records very powerful ninjutsu. If you get it to learn the ninjutsu, then your graduation exam is definitely fine.”
  Naruto: “Really? Where is the scroll?”
  Mizuki: “In the home of 3rd Hokage sama.”
  Naruto: “How do I get it? 3rd Hokage is the strongest ninja in the village.”
  Mizuki: “Oh… it’s okay, do you not always love to do pranks? This time it’s also a prank. Wait until the night, when you sneak in, you can find that you can use this idea to get out of trouble. Have you not done this before?”
  Yeah, he used to do this before, but… this time is different.
  This time it is not as simple as a child’s prank.
  The most important thing is… after being discovered by 3rd Hokage.
  Even if 3rd Hokage didn’t immediately follow up, he would certainly use the technique of telescope to explore. When he found that he make a extra copy of the scroll, it would have a bad result.
  Naruto: “Mizuki Sensei, you must have a way to help me lead 3rd Hokage from home? If so, I will be easier to start.”
  Mizuki thought.
  He feels that Naruto today is a little different, and he will come up with such a idea. Isn’t the usual Naruto dare to do anything without thinking about it?
  This guy also painted the faces of Hokage on the mountain last week.
  Naruto: “Mizuki Sensei? Hey, you will help me, you want me to pass the exam, right?”
  Mizuki: “Ah… I naturally hope that Naruto can pass the exam.”
  Mizuki’s heart is secretive alert. Who can pass the graduation exam after you steal the forbidden scroll? you also want to graduate from Ninja School? You will be directly in the prison, I just want to get the forbidden scroll.
  No, you don’t have to go to the prison. When you take the forbidden scroll, I will kill you and disguise yourself as you escape.
  Mizuki: “Well… let me think about it… Oh, yes, I can ask the 3rd Hokage to take a photo of 3rd Hokage and the students who graduated this year. You can use that time and stealing it out, how about it?”
  Naruto: “But when do you take pictures?”
  Mizuki: “Let’s do this in afternoon. If you get the scroll, you will run out. Isn’t it okay to change your body? You pretend to be someone else, after all, it is daytime.”
  Naruto: “Ok”
  Then Mizuki and Naruto plan about everything.
  Mizuki: “Remember that the scroll is called forbidden scroll and the two sides are green, so it’s easy to find.”
  Naruto: “Ok Sensei, I remember.”
  Mizuki: “Well, wait for me.”
  Watching Mizuki leave, “This is fun.”
  In the morning, the graduation test of the Ninja School came to an end.
  At noon, Mizuki found Hokage according to the agreed plan. “At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, he will take a graduation photo on time. You will start at that time.”
  Naruto: “Well! Thank you very much for the Mizuki Sensei. I can’t graduate from Ninja School without you.”
  Mizuki: “Well, make a good job. In order for you to learn higher Ninjutsu, you hide on the agreed location. When I tell you how to use those ninjutsu, you will be able to graduate from Ninja School.”
  Naruto: “Okay.”
  Teach me? Don’t look down on you… can you even learn the higher level ninjutsu?
  Mizuki left.
  1 p.m. afternoon.
  3rd Hokage appeared in the Ninja School as agreed.
  Iruka: “Come, please join the students who passed the Ninja School exam. The 3rd Hokage is taking photos with us.”
  Twenty-seven students rushed over in a bustling way.
  Iruka looked at the students who gathered together and looked around. He was looking for Naruto. In this year’s graduation exam, only Naruto had not passed and his heart could not help but worry.
  Saratobi: “Iruka? Come, take a photo together.”
  Iruka: “Ok!”
  Everyone sat together and Mizuki stood by and watched. He was just a teaching assistant, not a real teacher.
  Because he killed his companion in order to complete the task in one mission, he was revoked with the qualification of a teacher.
  But he is not convinced, what is wrong with him? As a ninja, shouldn’t he use every means to complete a task?
  Mizuki looked up in the direction of the 3rd Hokage house.
  Now Naruto’s silly boy should have started to act.
  I hope this silly boy can be smart and when I get the scroll, I will die with his heart content.
  Let these stupid people continue to laugh, I hope they can laugh a little longer.
  Saratobi: “Mizuki, you can also take a photo together.”
  Mizuki slightly said: “I can?”
  At the same time, all the people’s eyes are concentrated in the Ninja school graduation photo.
  Naruto quietly came to the home of 3rd Hokage.
  He turned into a Konohamaru.
  And Konohamaru himself, at this time, is sleeping at home.
  Naruto saw it when he sneaked into the house.
  Konohamaru is at home, so will his teacher of Konohamaru, Ebisu teacher, be in this room?
  Naruto’s heart is a little nervous.
  What if I meet Ebisu teacher?
  Ebisu teacher seems to be very sensitive…
  Hehe… It’s not a very reliable idea to think about it. It’s best not to meet him.
  Gently open the door of the Konohamaru.
  Naruto looked back from the crack of the door.
  no one.
  Look back at the Konohamaru, who sleep well.
  He go out of the house and gently close the door.
  Study room… Where is the study? According to the introduction of Mizuki, it should be here…
  Naruto carefully came forward and there was little sound when passing the bathroom.
  There is a sound in the bathroom, it is Ebisu teacher.
  He is complaining that Konohamaru given him some losse motion medicine.
  Listen to the sound… He is having diarrhea.
  Naruto took a deep breath and if this is successful, then I really appreciate Konohamaru.
  I don’t know when Ebisu came out of the toilet, Naruto also speeded up his action.
  Successfully reached the study room of 3rd Hokage.
  A dazzling variety of scrolls stacked on the shelves.
  Green bottom, forbidden scroll, where are you?
  found it! Such an important book of ninjutsu can be obtained in such a simple way, really…
  Picking up the forbidden scroll, Naruto found a more hidden place in the study, and then began to record it with a copy scroll.
  The first ninjutsu is the technique of multiple shadow clone jutsu.
  Naruto glanced as he recorded.
  Later, he saw eight gate, spiritualization, Konaha swordsmanship, intertwining detonation, earth reincarnation, and thunder god technique…
  Every time Naruto see one, Naruto’s heart will jumps. These ninjutsu are the secrets of Konaha.
  The footsteps sounded, Naruto was shocked, and Ebisu teacher came out of the toilet!
  At this time, the scroll turned to the end, and a procedure like a key was leaked.
  what is this? However, no matter what time, there is no time to pursue it. Ebisu teacher came out of the toilet. What I have to do now is to hide it as soon as possible. Don’t be found.
  But suddenly there was a nine-tailed voice from his consciousness: “Little devil, take this scroll! I can promise you anything!”
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