Supreme Naruto ch 7

Chapter 7 Unexpected Coma
  Nine Tail finally took the initiative to contact him?
  After coming to this world, Naruto tried to contact Nine Tail every day, but he did not succeed.
  This time, why took the initiative to come out. Also, do you want this scroll? why?
  Naruto looked at the unrolled scroll and looked at the half of Ninjutsu.
  The signature of the procedure is: “Eight Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula? Solution.”
  Is this the key to the Eight Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula? Shouldn’t it? Didn’t it 4th Hokage leave the keys for you?
  and many more! Not impossible!
  The Eight sign seal was not the seal that was invented by Kushina Uzumaki, but was passed down by the Uzumaki clan.
  In other words, this may not be by 4th Hokage.
  Naruto’s brain thinks fast.
  Nine tails urged on the side: “Get this scroll away!”
  In the corridor outside the door, the dull footsteps sounded.
  It was the tutor of Konohamaru who came out of the toilet.
  But very quickly, the footsteps suddenly turned back, only heard a curse and then ran back to the toilet again.
  It sounds like the stomach is not feeling well again, so he have to continue to squat.
  Perhaps because of the tension, these sounds are very clear.
  Naruto returned with a nine-tailed voice: “This scroll can’t be taken away.”
  Nine-tailed: “You kid you dare to disobey my orders!”
  Naruto: “You are a stupid fox? Take the scroll and then? Can I release you from the body or can I take you out of the village?”
  “But although it can’t be taken away, this procedure can be copied first.”
  Nine tails: “Little devil! How dare you talk to me like this!”
  Naruto: “Nine-tailed sama, can you be quiet for a while and we will talk later? I am going to hurry and escape from here. If I get caught, it will be a very bad for both of us.”
  Proud? What it is?
  Nine-tail has no mind. It thinks like a child.
  However, watching Naruto copy the eight sign seal and he did not continue to ask for the scroll.
  Just now, he was a little concerned. He saw the sudden relief by seeing the eight sign seal.
  After the entire forbidden scroll was recorded, Naruto re-rolled the scroll at the fastest speed.
  Then re-place the scroll to its original position.
  Naruto suddenly whispered in his heart: “No… this scroll should still be taken away.”
  Nine tail: “How suddenly changed your mind?”
  Naruto asked: “Why is the ninjutsu on scroll so important? Why can I get it easily?”
  “Obviously, this is a trap…”
  Naruto took the forbidden scroll on his body and left it very smoothly from the home of 3rd Hokage.
  At the same time, Ebisu teacher walked out of the toilet and there was no bad belly at all.
  He inspected the study carefully.
  His hand pressed a small communication device on the ear: “Reporting 3rd Hokage sama, Naruto stole the Forbidden scroll.”
  Back at home, Naruto threw the forbidden scroll aside.
  He continue to communicate with the Nine Tails.
  Nine-tail: “Do you mean that all this is a trap?”
  Naruto: “Most is it.”
  Nine tails: “Why?”
  Naruto: “It’s going too well.”
  Nine-tailed: “Well… it’s a bit abnormal… It’s so easy for you to get the key of the Eight Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula. The people of Konoha should not be stupid to this point. So it should be to bring out some people.”
  Nine-tailed: “But how is it achieved? This plan was planned by you and Mizuki’s little guy, that is to say, only two of you know, can Mizuki take the initiative tell the old guy?”
  Naruto: “He really preached out,
  Because the way he thinks is a lame excuse i.e. graduation photos.
  Although the Ninja graduation exam is over, there is still a final test. Now, a large part of the graduates will return to the Ninja School to re-learn, which means now It doesn’t make sense to take a graduation photo. ”
   “This kind of meaningless thing, the 3rd Hokage actually agreed…”
   Naruto clenched his fist.
  3rd Hokage must have guessed that he would steal the forbidden scroll at this time.
  At the same time, the family must be prepared.
  I just don’t know what to do with the scroll…
  I hope that when he is copying, no one is watching it…
  No! You can’t pin your hopes on that unrealistic expectation.
  Naruto: “Nine-tail sama, can you help me a favor?”
  Nine tails: “What help?”
  Naruto: “Nine-tail sama, your memory is not weak?”
  Nine tails: “What?”
  Naruto: “I want you to remember all the ninjutsu in this scroll.”
  Nine-tail: “Interesting… But what can I do if I remember it? Can I teach you again?”
  Naruto: “We can make a deal.”
  Say, Naruto started unfolding the scroll again.
  Nine tail laughed: “I found out that you are an interesting little guy. I am interested in seeing you now.”
  The sight of the Naruto changes, the surrounding scenery begins to distort and when it returns to normal, it is not his house, but a huge iron gate.
  On the other side of the iron gate, the huge demon fox looks down on him.
  The head bigger than the building, Sen Bai’s teeth, full of dazzling hair like a flame.
  The first impression of Nine-Tailed Naruto is that it is full of oppression.
  Nine-tail said: “Little devil, say your identity, who are you?”
  Naruto: “I am Naruto…”
  Nine-tail: “Who are you, which naruto?”
  On the ground…
  Naruto looked down and saw another Naruto.
  Huh? Naruto fell to the ground?
  Then I…
  Naruto raised his hand and touched his face.
  Very familiar face.
  Then he lower his head, the water on the ground in the cell reflects a face, is what he really was.
  And there is a connection between him and Naruto…
  How is this going!
  Is Naruto’s original soul still present in this body?
  He raised his hand to subconsciously touched the face of Naruto.
  It was just a curious move, but he didn’t expect the next time Naruto’s body began to distort and melted into his body from his hand.
  The headache is breaking again.
  He fainted in front of me.
  “Naruto! Naruto!”
  In the midst of it, I feel that someone is yelling at his name. It seems to be the voice of Iruka.
  Then someone picked him up and left his room.
  When he woke up, I was already in the hospital.
  This is the second time he has come to this hospital…
  Just the bed is different from the last one, this is a closed house.
  “Naruto, are you awake?”
  It is the teacher Iruka.
  Naruto: “Sensei…”
  “Wake up? Let’s go with us.”
  The voice came from the door of the room.
  The ninja of ANBU black oops.
  Iruka: “Naruto is only awake now, wait for a while.”
  Teacher Iruka wants to discourage, but the ninja of the ANBU will listen to him.
  The next moment, a ninja appeared behind Iruka and fainted Iruka.
  Then another ANBU Ninja disappeared from the hospital with Naruto.
  trial room.
  Interrogating him was… 3rd Hokage.
  3rd Hokage: “Naruto, talk about it.”
  3rd Hokage pointed to the forbidden scrolls on the table, and … the copying scroll.
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