Supreme Naruto ch 8

Chapter 8: Idea
  Say? What to say? he said that Mizuki let him steal?
  But things haven’t happened yet. He hasn’t brought the scroll out of village and he fainted.
  It is not enough to prove my innocence…
  He don’t know how to say, so he keep silent.
  In his heart, he contacted the nine tail: “Nine-tail sama, do you remember the ninjutsu on the scroll?”
  However, the nine-tail is completely silent.
  what happened? Why did Kurma ignore him?
  Without a nine-tail initiative, Naruto couldn’t enter the space of the nine-tail seal and there was some irritability in his heart.
  Don’t worry, now you have to calm down.
  Anyway, things are already like this. If you are not calm enough, you can only make things worse.
  Naruto secretly warned himself in his heart.
  3rd Hokage: “Don’t worry, there is nothing to say. I already know that Mizuki refers you to doing this. After you are in a coma, Iruka is worried about you so he go to your house to find you and find that you are in a coma, then Mizuki is also looking for you and Iruka has become your appearance and has seen this conspiracy.”
  This happened after I was in a coma?
  So since the truth has been revealed, what do the 3rd Hokage say to him?
  Soon after Naruto knew what 3rd Hokage had told him.
  The 3rd Hokage took up a small copy of the scroll and said to Naruto: “You just have to explain this clearly.”
  “The content in this reel is what you recorded?”
  Naruto: “Yes.”
  3rd Hokage: “This scroll is worth a lot, how did you get it?”
  Naruto: “I found on the ground.”
  Sarutobi: “Naruto if you choose to lie, then you will never be a ninja.”
  Naruto does not speak, he does not want to involve Hinata.
  But after thinking about it, 3rd Hokage may have already found out the truth.
  Hokage of a village wants to check the source of this scroll, it will take only a little bit of work.
  Naruto: “It is borrowed from others, but all the responsibilities of this matter are with me and have nothing to do with others.”
  Sarutobi nodded: “What do you want to do with this? when you got this scroll.”
  When did you get this scroll? Sure enough, 3rd hokage have already found out the origins of the copying scroll.
  Sarutobi: “And at that time, the written exam for the graduation exam is over, and you can use it for cheating.”
  “So, what do you want to do with this thing?” The eyes of 3rd Hokage stared at Naruto.
  Very sharp eyes, different from the old man. Just like the time when nine tails are full of madness and want to destroy everything.
  The eyes of 3rd Hokage at this moment seem to be able to see through everything.
  This is the feeling 3rd Hokage give to Naruto.
  How can I slip under these eyes…
  Sarutobi: “Naruto, you have become a bit different recently. Are you affected by other factors, is there a voice that confuses you to do something?”
  Confused? 3rd Hokage is worried that he is controlled by nine tails?
  Naruto’s sudden inspiration, he thought of a way to break the game!
  Naruto: “Well, I didn’t want to say it, but since the 3rd Hokage asked, then I will say it.”
  Just a few days ago, when I first had a headache, I saw my father.
  And from his perspective, I witnessed his battle with the nine tails.
  Sarutobi was shocked: “The father you said is…”
  Naruto: “4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze.”
  Sarutobi took a sip of cool air.
  Sarutobi: “This is impossible! Minato him…”
  Naruto: “The seal on my body is sealed by him and at the same time, he seals part of Chakra, so that I can meet him.”
  Sarutobi: “That said… you know it?”
  Naruto calmly looked at the 3rd Hokage and nodded.
  The sharpness in the eyes of the 3rd Hokage is no longer there. Instead, there is a rare panic: “Naruto… This is a matter of concealing you for a reason.”
  Naruto: “I understand, my father said for my safety and the safety of the village.”
  When the 3rd Hokage’s words were on the lips, they would go back without saying anything.
  Then he took a few deep breaths to calm his uneasy mood.
  For a long time, the 3rd Hokage’s mouth were open for a long time: “What does this have to do with the re-writing scroll?”
  Naruto: “I want to use it to copy the technique of multiple shadow clone jutsu. From my father’s mouth, I learned that the reason why I can’t use the split is because my chakra is affected by the nine tails, but I can learn Multiple shadow clone jutsu.”
  Sarutobi: “Since Minato says that you can learn the techniques of multiple shadow clone jutsu, why didn’t he teach you personally?”
  Naruto: “His time is limited, he told me something and then disappeared.”
  You can’t let the 3rd Hokage ask again, otherwise it will be easy to catch.
  Naruto: “Hokage sama, are there any other problems? If you have no problems, I still have some problems. After my father and my mother died, there is nothing left for me?”
  Sarutobi: “Since you have witnessed the whole process, you know that their death is very sudden. It was already late when we arrived.”
  Naruto: “So their money, their belongings, their everything, because they have no time to make a will, so they are very reasonably confiscated?”
  Sarutobi: “Naruto! Things are not what you think! At that time, the nine-tailed invasion in the village brought great damage to the village, and the village needed to be rebuilt.”
  Naruto: “So you confiscated? After I lost my parents, you didn’t even leave anything for me but I still have to live in the eyes as a pest, and I was pointed at by everyone?”
  Sarutobi roar: “Naruto!”
  Naruto: “Hokage is getting angry. Then, is it necessary to kill the person who knows the truth? Or is it life imprisonment? Actually, I am very curious, you have concealed my father. It is for the 4th Hokage or yourself and then why do you still have to expose the seals on my body? So that you want to continue to use me. With the presence of the nine tails in Konaha, you can declare that Konaha have a powerful weapon to deter other villages?”
  Sarutobi took a deep breath and pressed his hands on the temple: “Sorry, I shouldn’t yell at you. You are right. It is okay to inherit their inheritance. I will calculate their assets as soon as possible. The restore it under your name.”
  After saying this, he no longer communicate with Naruto.
  In the interrogation room, several ninjas looked at Naruto with all his doubts.
  Is this the son of 4th Hokage?
  This news is a high-level secret in Konoha, not all ninjas know.
  According to the report and the news released to the public that Kushina Uzumaki was pregnant and 4th Hokage fight against the nine tails, both died, leaving no children.
  So when he heard this news, it was really full of sadness.
  But if this is the son of a hero, it is indeed too miserable.
  After the 3rd Hokage left, Nine Tail finally talk again.
  Nine-tail: “When the old guy is by your side, I can’t talk or it will let him discover that I am awake.”
  The scenery in front of Naruto changes and his consciousness enters in the space of nine tails.
  Naruto on the ground has disappeared.
  So how do they blend together?
  Looking down at the stagnant water in the cage, the face reflected is Naruto’s.
  After the integration… it seems that there is no difference.
  Naruto raised his head: “Nine-tailed sama, you can remember the ninjutsu on the scroll…”
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