Supreme Naruto ch 9

Chapter 9 Photographic Memory
  Naruto: “Nine-tailed sama, you have memorized the ninjutsu above the forbidden scroll?”
  Nine-tailed: “Remembered but how do you want to trade with me?”
  Remember it? Just remember it…
  Although the process has various accidents, the results are worthwhile.
  Naruto finally breathed a sigh of relief.
  At the same time, I feel that if I have a memory that I have never forgotten, I don’t need to find a copying scroll and I don’t have to do so many things.
  There is no need to find a way to trade with the nine tails.
  Thinking of the forbidden scroll, Naruto’s consciousness suddenly left the nine-tailed seal space.
  He did not return to reality, but… to the study room of 3rd Hokage!
  He kneels in the corner and holds the unfolded forbidden scroll in his hand!
  How is this going!
  Naruto was shocked by this change. When he was about to stand up, he found that he couldn’t move and the angle of view was fixed.
  This is the perspective when he sneaked into the 3rd Hokage’s house.
  Naruto understands that he has not really come to the home of Hokage, here is his memory!
  The scene is very real, just like the immersive real home of 3rd Hokage.
  Naruto quickly looked at the forbidden scroll.
  The place to expand is the technique of multiple shadow clone jutsu!
  Naruto tries to move the scroll and other techniques to read.
  Is this nine tails helping him?
  Naruto: “Nine-tailed sama?”
  Naruto screamed and then the picture in front of him changed and his consciousness returned to the nine-tail seal space.
  Nine tails: “Little devil, what are you doing?”
  “I am asking you what you want to trade for these ninjutsu, if there is too high price, I will not promise to you.”
  Naruto: “Nine-tailed sama just let me see the ninjutsu on the forbidden scroll? You are so powerful!”
  Nine tails: “What are you talking about? What sees the forbidden scroll?”
  Not nine tails? what happened? Naruto is a bit stunned.
  and many more! Did you write down the scene yourself?
  Forbidden scrolls, multiple shadow clone jutsu.
  Naruto tried to recall the scenes of the 3rd Hokage’s home.
  The scene changed again, Naruto found himself back to the study room of the 3rd Hokage.
  The forbidden scroll in his hand and can be read at will.
  Fucking hell! This is awesome! This is more powerful than anything, you can’t forget! It is a perfect scene reproduction!
  The sound of the nine tails came in his ear: “Little devil! Did you listen to me in the end!”
  Naruto: “Oh… that transaction was abolished, I found that those ninjutsu I also remembered.”
  Nine-tailed roaring: “Are you kidding me?”
  Naruto: “No, I am a bit surprised by this. Maybe I have merged two souls to strengthen my memory. Um… I will talk later. I will try to practice the multiple shadow clone jutsu.”
  Seriously, after reading the tens of times of multiple shadow clone jutsu, Naruto’s thoughts and movements were separated from memory.
  Naruto asked the ninja in the interrogation room: “So, am I practicing ninjutsu here?”
  A few ninjas looked at each other and did not say anything.
  However, looking at the reaction of 3rd Hokage, this kid is a child of 4th Hokage.
  Counting them in, they are the ones who have survived so far, and they are all saved by the 4th Hokage.
  It is hard to be a hero’s child, even if it is a ninja, the heart can not help but give birth to a feeling of embarrassment.
  One of the ninjas replied: “Yes.”
  After all, 3rd Hokage did not say no.
  Naruto: “Thank you very much.”
  In the head, he thought about the whole process of multiple shadow clone jutsu.
  Focused on the points pointed out in the notes.
  Naruto began to mobilize Chakra and practiced.
  An hour later, Naruto successfully create a Shadow clone.
  Then continue to practice.
  Soon, the two clone became three then nine and finally even a dozens of dozens.
  Naruto is in the entire interrogation room.
  The ninja on duty in this interrogation room has long been stunned.
  Naruto: “Boom! Then the next step is to try something that can be done.”
  Points on the forbidden scroll that the multi-shadow clone jutsu is for a ninja that integrates the investigation and battle.
  The opportunity to release Ninjutsu can be completed by both clone or the real one.
  The real one has the highest choice.
  At the same time, before the clone, you can pass the information to the clone.
  This is widely used when detecting intelligence.
  Naruto: “Multiple shadow clone jutsu.”
  Naruto has three clones, one of which has come to the door in accordance with the previous instructions: “That… can you please cooperate with the guessing?”
  The ninja was surprised to see the Naruto who turned his back.
  He already knows the purpose of Naruto.
  Ninja: “Ok”
  Rock paper scissors!
  Clone: “Thank you.”
  Then the hand is automatically printed, “release!”
  Clone turn smoke.
  At the same time, Naruto’s mind learned the result of the guessing, the stone that he made himself, the scissors he got out and he won.
  At the same time, Naruto looks at the clone that still exist.
  Implications cannot be driven.
  Naruto asked: “Do you know the result just now?”
  Clone replied: “We won.”
  Naruto: “What about the situation?”
  Clone: “We used stone, the other used scissors.”
  Um…that is to say, when jutsu is released, the information obtained by the Clone will be transmitted to all the surviving clone at the same time.
  Then… If you want to convey a command to a detached clone, is it only necessary to tell the command to a clone and then let the clone jutsu be lifted, can the message be delivered?
  If this is the case, will it dispel the conflict with the previous body issuing an order?
  Naruto continued to experiment.
  The same instructions.
  Naruto: “Multiple Shadow clone jutsu!”
  Split into two clones.
  Once again, the Naruto who went to the door before Naruto made a guess.
  In the whisper of Naruto whispering to another clone: “Go to the door to guess the fist, after the guessing, find the ninja opposite and then make a guess and then release the jutsu.”
  After the order is completed, clone is removed.
  However, the order was not executed correctly, and then the martial arts and the guards were dismissed after the end of the guessing.
  Naruto: “So try again.”
  Command: Go to the door and the ninja to make a guessing. If you receive other commands and continue to execute, you will not receive the command to cancel within five seconds.
  This time it was successful.
  The avatar first went to the door and made a guessing fist. Then he followed the instructions and made a second guessing. After five seconds, there was no command and he was released.
  Naruto: “Interesting, this technique is so interesting.”
  At present, the first issued command has the highest authority, and all subsequent commands must be changed without violating the first command.
  Naruto: “Try again to release the effect of ninjutsu.”
  Command: “Run to the door and show a multiple shadow clone jutsu.”
  This command was also successful.
  However, when the avatar was once again applied to the shadows, the Chakra in Naruto’s body did not decrease. That is to say, the clone released the shadow clone, which was actually distributed under the original Chakra.
  “Naruto! You learn the art of multiple shadow clone jutsu!”
  Sarutobi came back again and pushed the door in, and looked at the three Naruto in the room with a look of surprise.
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  1. Mobster

    You’re make a mistake, multiple shadow clone jutsu(Tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu) is the advanced of shadow clone justu(kage bunshin no jutsu) and academy ninja is used clone jutsu(bunshin no jutsu) not shadow clone jutsu


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