System of Anger ch 1

Chapter 1 Anger System
    “Hahaha, Obito, you see, your brother is coming!” someone shouted in the classroom and followed by the burst of laughter.
    “Who, who said that he is my brother!” Uchiha Obito rebutted and unconsciously stretched out his hand and touched the goggles on his forehead, his face full of disdain.
    “He is last in the class and you are second last, both of your surnamed is Uchiha. If you say that you are not brothers, we don’t believe it!” The people next to him laughed.
    “Although we both are Uchiha member but his blood is simply impure. Guys like him can’t even awaken their eyes at all! And I, as soon as I awaken my Sharingan, I will become a man like Hokage!”
    Uchiha Obito raised his head proudly.
    Uchiha Akashi went into the classroom and looked at the faces around him who shouldn’t have appeared in front of him. He has left infinite regret in his heart.
    Sooner or later, I will show them!
    At the beginning, he is a game player on the internet.
    However, it is getting worse and worse on the Internet. As it directs through him into the Naruto world!
    Uchiha Akashi glanced at these people in front of him: Kakashi, Might guy, Uchiha Obito…
    A Chinese man, accidentally crossed this world and became Uchiha Akashi and inherit all his previous memories.
    His mother is an Uchiha but his father is a civilian ninja. Because he loves his mother, he entered the Uchiha clan. His surname is also followed by his mother, called Uchiha Akashi.
    He succeeded in replacing Uchiha Obito and became the loser in this class, while Uchiha Obito settled on the second last ranking in the class.
    “I heard that you can conduct an early graduation exam today. Do you think that Kakashi is going to graduate today?” said one person next to him.
    Everyone’s eyes are gathered on Kakashi’s body.
    A genius, let everyone look up to his existence.
    “It’s not very likely, Kakashi is only 5 years old now. How could he be a Genin?” Asuma said, incredulously.
    “That’s not necessarily. After all, Kakashi’s father is so powerful. As the son of a white-fang, even if he is only five years old, he is the strongest person in our class.”
    Uchiha Obito eyes are full of dissatisfaction.
    “What can be a great father, there are many people in our clan who is more powerful than Kakashi’s father…”
    A short knife was instantly unsheathed and inserted straight into the table in front of Uchiha Obito.
    The knife was only one centimetre away from the tip of his nose. The broken hair on his forehead fell down.
    Everyone’s gaze gathered on Kakashi, with fear in their eyes.
    That thing is considered to be banned.
    Whole classroom is quiet.
    “You shut up!” Kakashi said wickedly.
    Uchiha Obito swallowed his cough.
    He remembered this morning, when he just passed over, he heard the hint in his mind.
    His palms are slightly tight.
    When the time was quiet, a very calm voice suddenly came suddenly, and a man with a big movement came over.
    “You guys, really are flies who stick around the stinky egg.”
    “What do you say?!” A lot of people look at Uchiha Akashi’s face, a super crane tail, actually dare to say that they are flies, and still flies around the stinky egg!
    Aside, Kakashi’s face became like pig liver…
    This… How do I feel something is wrong? Uchiha Akashi trying to help me? Um… It should be true, but how is it…. stinky eggs?
    Kakashi looked strangely at the Akashi, and the expressions of other people were all too eager to eat Akashi. They just want to beat this losser!
    He haven’t waited for everyone to do something, Akashi is one step ahead, watching a group of people who are overreacting. “Hey, what is with your expressions, are you all idiot? who can’t even understand words.”
    “Kakashi, he hanged himself and suicide. However, you still not want the crowd to say something about your father, Kakashi! There is no conscience, although your father is a traitor…”
    Uchiha Akashi said with a serious face.
    “Uchiha Akashi!!!!” Kakashi was angry and he wished to kill him.
    “Hey, Kakashi, what’s wrong, I know that although you are grateful to me, you have to wait for me to finish!”
    Kakashi’s eyes are spouting fire.
    not good!
    Uchiha Obito saw Kakashi’s eyes and knew that Kakashi lost his mind! Immediately, he hugged Kakashi and restrained his actions.
    In the classroom, if they fight, teacher will be angry!
    Uchiha Akashi did not have time to watch the wonderful expression on Kakashi’s face, and all his attention was attracted by the words that sounded in his mind.
    [Congratulations to the host successfully activated the angry system, rewarding the novice spree!?
    ?Reward Host Attribute: Wind Attribute?
    ?Reward C-level Ninjutsu: Wind blade · Big Breakthrough?
    ?Reward D-Class: Body Technique · Double-Edged Cyclone kick?
    ?Activate Blood Limit: Sharingan?
    Uchiha Akashi expression on his face suddenly became a bit strange.
    His surname Uchiha, who had to rely on the system’s plug-in to activate his eyes…
    but finally can open Sharingan, after all, there is half of the blood of Uchiha in his body.
    “Kakashi, although you did not have father but rest assured, at least you have a mom ah!”
    “Children are always a tressure for their mother……Maybe she will not die so easily.”
    A clear-eye look of Akashi turned everyone’s anger into a cold, you not only did not comfort others for their death but also cursed other people’s mother!!
    “Uchiha Akashi! What did you say? You say it again!” The anger in Kakashi’s heart was completely provoked. Even if everyone pressed next to him, he suddenly stood up from his seat and eyes turn dead.
    At the same time, Uchiha Akashi saw that on the top of Kakashi’s head a number started to display.
    Anger +16…
    Anger +29…
    Anger +23…
    Anger +46…
    “System, what is this?” Uchiha Akashi asked in secret.
    [This is the anger value from other people. When the behaviour of the host provokes the anger of others, the anger value data in the body of the host is increased according to the degree of anger.?
    “What is the use of this?”
    [The host can use the accumulated value of others to exchange items.?
    Uchiha Akishi suddenly realized that the data on Kakashi’s head continued to increase.
    Uchiha Akashi said once again.
    “I… I am comforting you! Don’t you feel it, I am hot and hot in the chest, it’s my love? It is our unshirkable responsibility to care for the children of single-parent families!”
    Kakashi’s eyes became colder, Exposed to the chilly chill, his father committed suicide, this is the biggest pain in his heart, and this person, dare to mention this matter in front of himself, he simply does not want to live!
    The people around him looked at Uchiha Akashi’s eyes and felt a little more pity.
    This fool, who is a loser? Even if he wants to provoke someone, he must not provoke the most powerful Kakashi in their class, he has almost the same Genin ninja terror!
    Kakashi eyes are as sharp as a sword, and he shot at Uchiha Akashi, as if he wanted to swallow him.
    Uchiha Akashi looked at the growing data on Kakashi’s head, and the corner of his mouth evoked a faint smile that was still innocent on the surface.
    “Kakashi, you don’t always look at me with affection. The students will misunderstand that you are not normal, maybe you are Gay. I am telling you, I am a proper straight man!”
    Uchiha Akashi does not show weakness.
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