System of Anger ch 2

Chapter 2: A lonely Hero.
    The people around him almost burst into laughter.
    Please, Kakashi is trying to kill you with his eyes. How can you describe it with the words “love”?
    And Kakashi has almost angered to the extreme!
    The depression accumulated over the past few days due to the death of his father was completely ignited by the words of Uchiha Akashi at this moment!
    Uchiha Akashi saw the number at the top of Kakashi.
    Anger value +78…
    Anger value +109…
    Anger value +82…
    Kakashi looked up, his eyes turned red, and he almost lost his reason now.
    “Uchiha Akashi! I want to challenge you! I want to kill you!” Kakashi said with a grin.
    The whole class is a shock, Kakashi wants to challenge Uchiha Akashi?
    The class topper wants to challenge the loser of the class? Is the ending not obvious? How can Uchiha Akashi have a chance to win?
    Uchiha Akashi looked at Kakashi’s face, which turned iceberg, and it was rare to show such an angry expression. It felt very funny for a while.
    But… challenge?
    Why do I accept your challenge?
    Uchiha Akashi sees a look at Kakashi’s eyes… sorry? It seems to be an idiot-like look that is a poor fool.
    “You want to kill me and still have to challenge me, are you stupid?? Besides, your strength is so weak, how could you be my opponent? I want to bully a child who does not even know his strength.”
    “Generally, people like me do not easily attack or bully others. After all, I am different from you. Of course, you will not know how much my strength is.”
    “People like me are the people who love peace will not easily hurt people.”
    Uchiha Akashi said with emotion.
    “Life is so lonely as snow with any challengers…”
    Speaking of this, Uchiha Akashi’s eyes has a faint sorrow.
    Like a high-ranking person, talking with children about his strength.
    The whole class was almost throw out their morning breakfast!
    How can a person be shameless to this point?
    Obviously, he dare not to fight against Kakashi. How can he say so confidently?
    I have never seen such a brazen man!
    Kakashi clenched his fingers, his knuckles squeaked because of his fists, his eyes became gloomy, and he stretched out. He pulled up the short knife on Uchiha Obito’s table, and extended his finger to Uchiha Akashi.
    “I must teach you well today!”
    At the same time, Uchiha saw the red flag on the head of Kakashi, and other students in the class also raised different degrees on the forehead.
    Anger value +8…
    Anger value +6…
    Anger value +15…
    Anger value +3…
    Uchiha Akashi’s heart is dark, this anger value seems to be different from person to person, everyone is here, they have heard my words but some people will have higher anger values, and some people will have lower anger values.
    Of course, he also saw that some people had no anger on their heads.
    Is it that they does not care?
    It is also very magical. After all, he himself feels that he has said something that is already very irritating.
    Uchiha Akashi secretly remembered the two guys who did not have anger on their heads, and then prepared to go to school and find them to talk about their heart’s content.
    Although the effect of this group is generally, the anger value of each person is not too high, but it is a lot of accumulation. Of course, the main source of anger is Kakashi, which is also the target of Uchiha Akashi.
    Rin looked at Kakashi, who almost becomes mad. She said with concern: “Kakashi, don’t be angry. Everyone is a classmate. Besides, you have to graduate today and keep a good mood.”
    Obito was just threatened by Kakashi, now he is looking at Uchiha Akashi, which has worse than his own performance. He said something uncomfortable: “What, you have never put this uncle in your eyes. I am the strongest person, as long as I awaken my Sharingan…”
    Uchiha Akashi at this time carefully observed the direction of their anger.
    Kakashi’s anger value has slightly weakened.
    The classmates were also very angry and looked at Uchiha Obito. This fool is as shameless as Uchiha Akashi!
    They are both Uchiha’s family, they are really brothers! Even the idiot looks exactly the same!
    However, Uchiha Akashi saw that their anger against Obito did not raise the anger he needed.
    Sure enough, the anger value that I have to provoke myself is counted.
    At this time, the door of the classroom was pushed away.
    A man with a scarf on his head and a green vest in his body, with one in his mouth, seems to be a bit chic.
    “What happened in the morning? The classroom was chaotic.”
    The people in the classroom looked at each other and no one spoke.
    He said casually: “If there is no problem, everyone will sit back on their seats and we will start class.” Everyone started to move.
    “Teacher, I have a problem!” A crisp voice screamed, and Uchiha Akashi raised his arm high.
    “What problem?”
    “Kakashi wants to beat me!” Uchiha Akashi said.
    Everyone instantly petrified in the same place…they…they still underestimated the thickness of his face.
    Did he even make a complaint?
    What a shameful thing this is? How did he, Uchiha Akashi, say that and he did not even change his face?
    “Fucking bastard!” Kakashi had just calmed down, was instantly ignited by this Uchiha Akashi.
    “Teacher, look at this, Kakashi threatens me so much, don’t you care about him?” Uchiha Akashi said.
    Generally, this young and energetic child is not directly attacked by two people in this kind of provocation? Why are you still complaining?
    He was the teacher for the first time.
    Looking at Akashi’s smug face, and Kakashi’s already angry face. He don’t know if there is an illusion because he don’t know, Who is bullying who?
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