System of Anger ch 3

Chapter 3 Anger Critical
    He don’t know much so, he said faintly: “That… In school, you can’t just attack and hurt people.”
    “And Kakashi, this afternoon is your next endure test? You will become a real ninja soon. This kind of behaviour, you still have to control more. The most important word for us as a ninja is ‘patience’.”
    “Okay, let’s start class.”
    Kakashi sat back to his position, and the number on his head slowly decreased until it disappeared.
    Uchiha Akashi opened his own anger system and looked at the anger value he was accumulating now.
    Life: Uchiha Akashi
    anger value: 1523
    Uchiha Akashi asked the system: “System, the anger value generated by others is related to the degree of anger?”
    [related to the degree of anger, at the same time, the strength of the person is related. 】
    “In other words, the stronger the person, the more anger value generated when angry?”
    Akashi nodded, opened his own anger value exchange interface, could not help but suck a cold air.
    Really fucking expensive!
    Uchiha Akashi originally thought that the amount of anger that he had just accumulated was already quite a lot. He did not expect that even a D-class ninjutsu could not afford.
    “System, how come there is no next page?”
    There are only ten items on this interface.
    [Daily exchange system can only redeem ten kinds of items, and will be updated in the early hours of the morning, so this item appears to be a matter of opportunity.】
    [At the same time, the host can increase the probability of dropping items by anger crit.】
    “What is Anger Crit?”
    [At a certain moment, someone’s anger value reaches a critical point. 】
    Uchiha Akashi nodded.
    Look at the ten kinds of goods in the interface, and then look at his poor anger value amount…
    Today’s exchange bar, the cheapest is the D-class Ninjutsu, the exchange only needs 2569 points.
    If you work hard, you may still be able to accumulate enough.
    Just as Akashi’s is thinking, a chock flew over and knocked on his head.
    “Your grades in the class are the worst, and you still not listening in the class carefully!”
    Teachers head raising the anger value +9…
    “Uchiha Akashi, you come to answer, what is the general purpose of this hand sign? What ninjutsu sign is it?”.
    Akashi shook his head.
    “Teacher, I know, it’s a fire ninjutsu!” Kakashi said with a smug look. He looked at Uchiha Akashi with disdain.
    The people in the classroom immediately looked at Kakashi with a sacred eye.
    “Wow, Kakashi known as the existence of genius, it is really difficult to ask questions, it is too great!”
    “Kakashi is so handsome!”
    “This is the gap between us. Really? If I really want to beat Kakashi, I still need to practice hard!”
    Teacher also shook his head helplessly.
    “Uchiha Akashi, you don’t even know the most basic ninjutsu hand sign, how can you graduate in advance??!”
    Uchiha Akashi eyes are full of confusion, and he seriously asked: “Why should I graduate early?”
    Kakashi smiled coldly beside him, his eyes full of contempt.
    “Because I can graduate in advance and prove that I am a genius, I am stronger than all of you!”
    Akashi screamed and squinted.
    “Someone’s father is so strong, Is he not suicide at a young age…”
    Kakashi’s body was instantly stiff in place, and the whole person would be petrified in an instant…
    He stretched out his hand and grabbed his heart, Repressing his current emotions.
    Can you not always mention this thing!
    Fuck, I really want to kill him now!
    Kakashi’s hand holding his short knife was constantly shaking.
    Take out the sheath… Take out the sheath… Cut it with a knife…
    [Drip! Congratulations to the host success, angry crit condition of Kakashi, and get E-class ninjutsu three-body skills! 】
    Uchiha Akashi smiled… This is not light for Kakashi?
    Uchiha Akashi smiled twice, got up from the seat, and ran to the back of the teacher. He smiled and said: “Teacher, you must protect me. This is a classroom. If Kakashi attack me, how will you show your face to other teachers?”
    Akashi hang on his back like a monkey and he does not know that he should laugh or cry at this time!
    The whole class was stirred up by the chickens and dogs!
    Teacher stretched out his finger and pointed to the door, and shouted at Uchiha Akashi in loud voice: “Give out! Go to the door and stand outside.”
    Teacher feels that this is the best way he have come up in a short time to solve the problem.
    Separating the Kakashi and Uchiha Akashi, which is going to be fight, for a short time, the two of them are just likeoil and fire, staying together, will definitely force Kakashi to explode.
    Uchiha Akashi looked at Kakashi and he don’t know the number that was rising on the head of teacher. He was very satisfied within his heart. With a faint smile on his mouth, he calmly decided to jump from the body of Huomu and pat himself and go out of the classroom.
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