System of Anger ch 4

Chapter 4: Rock Painting
    He don’t know how the Uchiha Akashi, who is calmly going out of the door, is hiding behind his back.
    It’s just like going home from school.
    wait ……
    He has a bad feeling ……
    He go outside to look at the corridor.
    A cold wind blew through… There was no one in the empty corridor…
    “Uchiha Akashi!”
    The screams of anger ran through the corridor, and even the Ninja teacher in the school was shaken twice by this sturdy voice.
    “You dare to blatantly skip classes! See how Laozi cleans you up!”
    The classmates were shocked by this screaming, and quickly grabbed their ears.
    “You all study yourself first, I go out for a trip!” He don’t know because of his angry voice, students of other classes were also scared by his scream.
    “Mr. Amano, is it an earthquake?”
    The teacher who was in other class was not aware of what had happened outside, but he heard his angry voice.
    He smiled and said: “I just want to tell students that their are some ninjas who can attack by using sound waves…”
    At this time, Uchiha Akashi, who is leisurely and self-satisfied slowly walking in the streets of Konoha.
    Although he inherited the his previous memory before, but personally see the village is totally different.
    Konoha is much more prosperous than the imagination. The villagers who are coming and going out of the village shops, with a happy smile on their faces.
    Occasionally, there will be one or two black figures running on the top of the building, leaving a residual image. Those should be the ninja who is performing the task.
    Although it is in the midst of war, Konoha Village is not a battlefield, but it is still a peaceful one.
    Uchiha Akashi raised his head and saw the huge statue on the mountain behind the back of Konoha Village. It was engraved with the 1st Hokage, 2nd Hokage and 3rd Hokage faces.
    His eyes groaned…
    “Ah-hahahahaha! My masterpiece will really be good!”
    Uchiha Akashi tied a rope hanging on the rock, holding a bucket of paint and a brush in his hand and started painting the mountain hokage faces.
    Adding two spiral circles to the face of the first generation has become even more lovely!
    Filled with a character on the nose of the 2nd Hokage, he looks even more fierce!
    The two eyes of the 3rd Hokage are turned into a heart shape, um, very consistent with this old and wretched character!
    “Who is that kid, dare to paint Hokage faces!”
    “Hey, little devil, who are you? You will be condemned by doing this!” There is a loud shout of ninja at the distance. For a moment, they discovered his existence.
    “Whose child is this? How can you be so naughty! How can you paint Hokage faces!”
    “What? He let us increase the amount of tasks! Such a child really needs a good lesson.”
    “He looks like Uchiha clan kid! “
    the two ninja directed Uchiha Akashi and his face full of anger.
    The two of them have the cleaning and maintenance of the Hokages face as D-class task, and did not expect to suddenly emerge a messy person.
    “Today is really unlucky, I have encountered such an annoying little devil!”
    Even across the distance, Akashi can see the anger on their heads.
    Anger +45…
    Anger +36…
    Anger +59…
    Uchiha Akashi rushed to them and spit out his tongue.
    “Slightly a little, you are a group of idiots, do you have the ability to seize me???? Hahahaha!”
    Uchiha Akashi made a ugly face to the two people, then turned and ran.
    “Boy, dare to provoke us. I must catch this kid today and provide a good lesson!”
    “I am really mad today! This little bastard, today if he will fall into my hands, I will make him a pig’s head!”
    Two people were angered by Uchiha Akashi, and they dropped the cleaning tools in their hands to fully pursue the Akashi.
    Today, I must let him taste of being arrogant!
    Two people chased out a few hundred meters.
    “Hey? Where did the kid go?”
    “How can he just run away? I obviously watched him run in this direction!”
    Two men looked at each other and their eyes were full of surprise.
    They did not think that they both Genin and can’t even chasing a little boy who has not passed the Ninja School!
    It was at this time, a very loud voice suddenly sounded behind them.
    “Ha ha ha, stupid, are you really a ninja? You are so obedient to become a Genin, this is something you can not learn at Ninja School!”
    Two of them are Genin, Uchiha Akashi stood behind them, licking his stomach and laughed loudly.
    Their breath has become thicker a few points, they are so angry at this moment that even directly reach into the pocket of the ninja bag, pull out kunai in both hands, throwing at the Uchiha Akashi!
    However, in the moment when the kunai was shot, they actually regretted it.
    After all, the opposite is only child, he is not even a ninja. This kunai can take his life!
    Although they are very angry but everyone is a villager of Konaha, he can’t just kill him for such a small mistake.
    “Be careful!”
    He can’t help but blurt out!
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    every fanfic of yours is good it’s a shame that there are not many chapters

  2. Guest

    so young and already able to lick his stomach, wonder what happens when he aims a bit lower


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